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The NRA's Support Of Illegal Firearms Must End!

With this week's Navy Yard shooting, perhaps we can again push to have an adult discussion on gun control measures needed in our nation.

Before Sandy Hook, There Was A Fight Over Those With PTSD Owning Guns

Yesterday's tragic shooting at the Navy Yard needs to serve as a stark reminder of a fight that happened last winter in Senate.

Report That Aaron Alexis Was 'Obsessed With Violent Video Games'

As a picture is being painted of the man who took 13 lives in a shooting spree in the Navy Yard yesterday, the old NRA argument is resurfacing.

Media Shock On A Democratic Divide

It seems that the media has forgotten that not everyone agrees with their party or leaders. That isn't shocking after eight years of Bush.

This Privacy Lawsuit Against Gmail Can Change Your Email For The Worse

With all the concerns over government tapping of the internet, here is one lawsuit I just can't get behind and one that can destroy your email experience.

The Wonderful Crapspiracy Filled World Of Joe Wilson (R - You Lie)

"You Lie" Joe Wilson, the Republican represenative from South Carolina is back and just as crazy as ever!

God Bless Texas, GOP Style

A funny thing has happened in the rightwing blogosphere. A story of a heroic father, who stopped a man from raping his five year old daughter, went unnoticed for almost two months.

Happy Labor Day And Welcome To The New Intoxination

As we spend the weekend celebrating us, the working class, I have decided it was time for me to do a little extra work on IntoxiNation.

Today's Lesson In Drudging - Homeschool Edition

Wonder how so much disinformation, lies, rumors and conspiracies get started? Look no further than the Drudge Report for answers.

How The Right Is Using Tim Scott

While the nation celebrated a milestone in civil rights history, the right has decided to turn that celebration into a false call of discrimination while using the only African American currently serving in the Senate.

Arkansas Republican Accidentally Shoots Teacher During School Training

As our nation debates the arming of personnel in schools, an accident in Arkansas back in January has gone unreported and could drastically change the debate.

State Of New York Files Lawsuit Against 'Trump University'

The media whore and birther hero is now facing a serious challenge coming from his own state. The Attorney General of New York has announced a $40 million lawsuit against The Don.

Get Ready! The Collective IQ Of Facebook Is About To Skyrocket!

If there is one thing the right is great at, it's manufacturing outrage. Their latest anger will be focused at Facebook, which is certain to destroy the social media giant.

Oklahoma Is No Stranger To Race Violence

With all the talk of race this week, it's time to look back on another shooting that plagued Oklahoma only a year ago, and one in which race was a factor.

Some Of The Most Interesting Snowden Revelations Yet

A new revelation from the Snowden files does open a degree of insight into what has been happening. It's just not the insight that Snowden nor Greenwald may have anticipated.


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