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State Of New York Files Lawsuit Against 'Trump University'

The media whore and birther hero is now facing a serious challenge coming from his own state. The Attorney General of New York has announced a $40 million lawsuit against The Don.

Get Ready! The Collective IQ Of Facebook Is About To Skyrocket!

If there is one thing the right is great at, it's manufacturing outrage. Their latest anger will be focused at Facebook, which is certain to destroy the social media giant.

Oklahoma Is No Stranger To Race Violence

With all the talk of race this week, it's time to look back on another shooting that plagued Oklahoma only a year ago, and one in which race was a factor.

Some Of The Most Interesting Snowden Revelations Yet

A new revelation from the Snowden files does open a degree of insight into what has been happening. It's just not the insight that Snowden nor Greenwald may have anticipated.

Racism Through Headlines

Since the horrific murder of Christopher Lane, the right wing media has tried to seize on the opportunity to portray the African American population of our country has criminal racists.

Why Did Duncan, Ok. Officials Try To Cover Up A Key Fact In Chris Lane's Murder?

What started as a story in the Australian media has now transformed into what could be a larger omission by officials in the Christopher Lane murder case.

A Horrific Crime In Oklahoma Exposes The Deep Seeded Racism Of The Right (Part 2)

We continue our look into what happened to Christopher Lane and how the right has twisted it into a false issue of race.

A Horrific Crime In Oklahoma Exposes The Deep Seeded Racism Of The Right (Part 1)

A horrible crime has happened in rural Oklahoma. What would normally be seen as another murder has been transformed into an attempt by the right to create a larger narrative of race.

The Right Suddenly Believes In Freedom Of Speech

Constantly some in America want to act as though they are the carriers of our rights, while also forgetting those rights apply to every citizen.

What A Difference A Week Makes In The NSA Stuff

New revelations bring the same old questions with the Snowden files.

Mr. President, It's Time To Step Up!

Even though the NSA tapping has gone on long before President Obama ever took the oath of office, or even ran for President, it's time for some transparency and answers on the questions floating out there.

CNN Goes Birther!

CNN has jumped into the birther bandwagon, but this time it's different and so is the target.

God Denies Family Exit From United States

20 Years Of DEA Spying Exposed

Hannity/Limbaugh Leaving Cumulus Results In Huge Stock Increase


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