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Bad Polling News For Boehner And Company

The American people aren't being fooled by the lies that come out of John Boehner's mouth when it comes to the shutdown and a couple of newly released polls prove that.

Congress is the Hardest Hit in the Shutdown

Military families can't bury their fallen loved ones. American families can't visit our national parks. Medical research has been halted. But no one has been as hard hit in this shutdown as Congress.

BREAKING: Dems To Make Procedural Move To Reopen Government

With the shutdown's first week coming to a rapid close, Democrats have finally found a little known procedural move that could force everything to reopen.and might also give John Boehner an easy escape.

Healthcare.gov Problems

With the launch of the healthcare exchanges, technical problems have prevented people from signing up, including yours truly.

Want Solar Panels? Hit Up Ikea

The big Swedish furniture chain will now enter the renewable energy market by making solar panels more readily accessible to consumers in the UK.

Finally Some Needed Attention On The NSA Snooping?

Since the Snowden Revelations came out earlier this summer, Congress has been relatively quiet, with a majority supporting what is happening. That may change now with one powerful Senator pushing for changes.

Should We Expect A Rash Of Gun Violence Globally?

Numerouns people in our country want to focus on violent video games as being the cause of our recent spike in mass shootings, but they ignore the global reach of this medium.

Decreased Profits For Darden Owned Restaurants Will Really Hit The Wait Staff

This week we found out that Darden owned resteraunts, Red Lobster and Olive Garden, saw sharp declines in profits last quarter. But did you know that Darden has tried to put more financial libaility on their employees, namely the wait staff.

The Hunt For False Security

Since Edward Snowden, Google has become the target of countless concern trolls. The latest attacks are just plain silly.

Rep. Phil Gingrey Being Held Hostage

Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia is being held hostage and we need to work to save him.

The NRA's Support Of Illegal Firearms Must End!

With this week's Navy Yard shooting, perhaps we can again push to have an adult discussion on gun control measures needed in our nation.

Before Sandy Hook, There Was A Fight Over Those With PTSD Owning Guns

Yesterday's tragic shooting at the Navy Yard needs to serve as a stark reminder of a fight that happened last winter in Senate.

Report That Aaron Alexis Was 'Obsessed With Violent Video Games'

As a picture is being painted of the man who took 13 lives in a shooting spree in the Navy Yard yesterday, the old NRA argument is resurfacing.

Media Shock On A Democratic Divide

It seems that the media has forgotten that not everyone agrees with their party or leaders. That isn't shocking after eight years of Bush.

This Privacy Lawsuit Against Gmail Can Change Your Email For The Worse

With all the concerns over government tapping of the internet, here is one lawsuit I just can't get behind and one that can destroy your email experience.


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