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Another Right Wing Inspired Man Arrested For Threatning The President

With more and more cases of people exhibiting a desire to assassinate the President of the United States, it's time for the right wing media to accept their responsibility in breeding these dangerous people.

Rules Of Mixology - Guns And Bars Don't Mix

In the past few years states have been passing laws to allow people to carry guns into bars. The combination is deadily and we now have a case to prove it.

George Zimmerman Arrested Again. Wingnuts Rush To Defense

George Zimmerman is back in the news, this time arrested for pointing a gun at his girlfriend. Here is the details of the charge, along with the 911 audio.

Healthcar.gov Functions Great Compared To...

Sure healthcare.gov is a nightmare, facing tons of problems, but that is nothing compared to the hundreds of billions in failures plaguing the Department of Defense.

Rand Paul Claims Christie Won Because Of Federal Money

In the latest round of a prelude to 2016, Sen. Rand Paul has made an attack against Chris Christie that is all but certain to backfire.

The Real Benghazi Scandal Was Just Exposed

Following an explosive report about the key whistleblower in Benghazi, CBS news has been forced to take down their story and the lead reporter apologize

Mitch McConnell Faces Increasing Bi-partisan Questions Over Pork Barrell Dam Project

Another story occured the night the Senate voted to reopen the government. That was the story of $3 billion going to Kentucky for a Dam project along the Ohio River. Now both sides are furious at McConnell.

You're Weekly Dose Of Gun Craziness

As our new week enters it's second day, America awakes to yet another story of a person entering a public place and opening fire.

CNN Obtains Documents Showing All Parties Failed In Healthcare.gov

Confidential documents obtained by CNN show problems of cooperation between contractors and management at the government level in the development process of healthcare.gov

Did He or Didn't He Know?

With revelations that the NSA was spying on world leaders since as early as 2002, questions are now focused on when and if President Obama even knew what the NSA was up to.

HHS Vows A "Tech Surge" To Fix Healthcare.gov

With the countless problems still plaguing healthcare.gov and a deadline approaching, the government is stepping up actions to try and remedy the problems.

Our 3 Month Break (Or Get Ready To Shutdown Again)

Now that the government is reopened and we won't default on our debt, we can enjoy some breathing room. Well for 3 months that is.

Conservative Media Not Happy With The Conservative House

House Republicans awoke today to a scathing editorial in today's Wall Street Journal, telling them "it's time to wrap up this comedy of political errors."

Don't Blame The Law, Blame The System

With people still trying to signup for healthcare, many are wondering what went wrong. Well it turns out the problem isn't with the actual law, but with a system our government has used for ages.

HIJACKED! Million Vet March Organizers Fire Back

What was supposed to be an apolitical march to reopen national memorials honoring our veterans got turned into a political rally by the Tea Party and the march organizer are not happy at all.


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