The Pasteur Institute in France has lost over 2,300 vials of the SARS virus. Thankfully the lab and independent groups have determined the missing samples to not be infectious. Well at least that's what we're hoping...

A new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities has concluded what many of us already believed, that the US is an oligarchy. Thanks to the Roberts-led Conservative Supreme Court, we can expect the data proving this to become even more solid. 

Bloomberg Launching New Gun Safety Group

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is drawing battle lines against the powerful NRA by forming a new gun safety advocacy group.

The whole Bundy ranch saga has kicked the feeble minded right wing trolls into conspiracy overload, through their prophetic leader, Alex Jones. The big claim has been that Harry Reid was behind the BLM seizure to build a solar power plant. Well as Bob Morris points out, there is a problem with that conspiracy. The Bundy ranch is 177 miles from where the proposed site is. Even the far-right has gone as far as to denounce the conspiracy. Still, that hasn't stopped Matt Drudge from still pushing the meme today, linking right to Alex Jones' website. I guess Jones' followers and Fox viewers just don't have the necessary brain power to comprehend a map. 

Rick Perry has joined the list of Republican Governors under legal scrutiny. Perry has retained a high profile defense attorney in a case alleging that he illegal withheld money from a local District Attorney office. A grand jury has been set to investigate claims that he abused the line item veto by withholding allocations unless the Travis County District Attorney resigned following a drunken driving convictions last year.


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