Charles C. Johnson, the right-wing blogger has an exclusive, claiming that Kevin McCarthy has been in a long time affair with Rep. Renee Ellmers. Johnson has a mixed track record on this type of stuff, but something else happened yesterday. Rep. Walter Jones (Mr. Freedom Fries) warned candidates for GOP leadership that if they have hidden baggage, then they need to get out of the race. Could it be Jones was talking about McCarthy? Only time will tell.

Seriously. A bit ago MSNBC did a segment on Hillary Clinton's email server and that they discovered 3 emails from overseas saying she had unpaid parking tickets, with an attachment to open and remedy it. No proof that she did open the obvious malware, which most people realize is just that, as emails like this are about as common as air.

And in other news, MSNBC is looking to hire a bunch of new reporters, as many will be resigning just as soon as their $5,000,000 check arrives from a Nigerian prince. 

With news out that Shell is abandoning their controversial drilling in the Arctic now that they found there really isn't enough oil up there, we need to really ponder if the same Shell scientists that said there was all this oil up there, if they are the same ones that tell us all the other scientists in the world are wrong on global warming. 

Save Me The "Poor John" Crap

People really need to stop the Boehner pity party and realize that his demise was brought by his own hand.

Wish I could say this was a joke, but this is the response of conservatives at a voter's value summit after Marco Rubio announced that John Boehner was resigning from Congress. Really shows the atmosphere and divisiveness that is taking over today's Republican Party.

With a revolt brewing and after hearing the Pope yesterday, NBC news is reporting that John Boehner will be resigning from Congress next month. Not many more details on it yet, but this is a huge breaking story. 

A new CBS/YouGov poll out this morning has Bernie Sanders beating Hillary Clinton by 10 points in Iowa and 22 points in New Hampshire. In South Carolina, Clinton still leads by 23 points, however Bernie's numbers are growing and split with Biden. So the big question will be if Biden doesn't get in, will his supporters go to Hillary or Bernie? That could be the key in the Palmetto state, as well as others. 

Donald Trump's upcoming biography has a doozy of a claim in it. He claims he always felt as though he was in the military "because of his education at a military-themed board." So a guy who got sent to military school because his parents couldn't handle him, then went on to get numerous deferments to avoid serving in Vietnam thinks he's the same as those that went and fought in war, or even had the guts to protect our country? This is a total insult on the brave men and women who served and the memories of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. That insult is further echoed by anyone supporting his candidacy to become the next commander in chief of our military. 


Kim Davis, the Kentucky court clerk who has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses on the basis of religious freedom has been ordered to jail by a federal judge for contempt. 

Trump Had An Amazing Idea Yesterday. Let's Hope CNN Bites

A lot of attention was given yestreday to Trump's hired goons removing Univion anchor Jorge Ramos from his press conference. But this has silenced an amazing idea Trump had.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the former Subway spokesman had sex with 14 minors, paying for sex with some of them, as well as being in possession of child porn. As if that isn't icky enough, the plea deal should really make you angry. He will get 5 years in prison and pay restitution of $100,000 to each of the 14 victims, totaling $1.4 million. We live in a country where getting caught with marijuana can give you more jail time than going out and sexually exploiting children. There should be tons of outrage over this deal, and it should be held up by candidates of a broken justice system that consistently favor the wealthy. 

Bernie Sanders addressed a crowd of 28,000 in Portland, Oregon yesterday. That is his largest crowd to date and comes a day after addressing over 15,000 in Seattle. But that record breaking crowd seems to not resonate through the media. For example, in an article in Huffington Post, which gives the number at the very end, the headline and main part of the body is on Bernie releasing a plan to combat racial inequality and profiling. And actually the plan is nothing new. Instead it is him just merging various plans into a broader, single plan. 

But back to the crowd. At this point in the 2008 elections, Obama had a campaign rally in New York, drawing 24,000. The media all gasped over such a huge crowd, even dedicating pieces just to that number. Apparently the media doesn't believe 28,000 is better than 24,000, or perhaps they were just shocked that a black candidate was able to draw that crown, but not when a socialist candidate brings in even larger crowds. Either way, the media narrative is very obvious now.


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