Rick Perry has joined the list of Republican Governors under legal scrutiny. Perry has retained a high profile defense attorney in a case alleging that he illegal withheld money from a local District Attorney office. A grand jury has been set to investigate claims that he abused the line item veto by withholding allocations unless the Travis County District Attorney resigned following a drunken driving convictions last year.

In April of 2009 DHS released a report about a rise in right wing extremism, which instantly drew complaints from Republicans as targeting them. The report, ordered under the Bush Administration, became fuel for Republicans to say the Obama administration was targeting them. I would like to ask the peanut gallery what they think of that now that a right wing extremist has gone in and killed three Jewish people out of simple hate?

American Airlines has responded that the threat is being forwarded to the FBI. Then her responses are amazing, claiming it was just a joke.


BREAKING: Feds Seize 250 Cattle, 1,000 Horses From Nevada Rancher

The federal government has seized 250 cattle and 1,000 horses from ranchers in Nevada. If you think this is the Bundy ranch, think again.

Kentucky Governer, Steve Breshear has vetoed a bill banning tolls on the Brent Spence Bridge. The bridge, which carries traffic on I75 between Kentucky and Ohio, has been a national focal point since President Obama called for its replacement as part of a larger jobs package in 2012. Republicans, lead by Mitch McConnell, have called it pork barrel, but the major economic corridor does need replacing. So will Mitch go against the veto? If so that reinforces the notion that Republicans believe things will be paid for by the magic money tree.

If you haven't heard there's a big standoff going on in Nevada between federal agents and a rancher. The rancher, Cliven Bundy, has been ordered by the courts to pay fines for his cattle grazing on federal land. He has refused, claiming that the land was in his family's name before the federal government owned it. Well fine, I'm going to support that claim. So Cliven, get the hell out of my country! That's right, every bit of land in the continental United States belonged to my ancestors, the American Indians, long before your pale faced family stepped foot here, so leave now! And anyone supporting Bundy (*cough* WINGNUTS!), you too must get off my land. There - problem solved!

And for more of what's going on, check out Dave Neiwert's reporting over at the SPLC.


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