It started yesterday when video surfaced of GOP family values Representative from Louisiana, Vance McCallister was caught on cam kissing a staffer. A few hours later he begged for forgiveness from everyone - wife, kids, constituents, and of course "god". Now this bundle of GOP compassion and values has taken it a step further. He has not only announced his reelection bid, but also that they have fired the staffer he was caught kissing. My guess is that the she provided too much temptation for a fragile ole' congressman. 

So how is that war on women coming, Republicans?

Last week we got word that the prosecutors in the bridgegate scandal have convened a grand jury. This week we now get word  that David Wildstein, the man at the center of the scandal and punching bag of Chris Christie, is now cooperating with the feds. Given the timing of both reports, things seems to be moving quickly in the investigation and we could possibly see indictments by the end of the year.

Gallup has found that the uninsured rate has dropped to its lowest level since 2008. This must be a sign of certain doom for the ACA. We just need to wait on the GOP to figure out why and then inform us of said reaosn.

ABC News is reporting that a grand jury has now been convened by the special prosecutor in the Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal. Good luck running for President with that hovering over your head!

A federal judge has said he will strike down Ohio's gay marriage ban on April 14. I still remember the vote in 2004 to ban gay marriage. The troubling part of that, was my precinct to vote in just so happened to be in a church, that very publicly supported the ban. Seems rather un-democratic when you're voting for something in a place supporting it.

With all the news of the NSA snooping on our internet activities, people today want a browser they can trust more than ever. The only way you know if you can trust them or not is by looking at their history. Mozilla has said for years that they are big supporters of equality, but when they promoted Eich to CEO, they gave the perception that they really don't support equality. Now as people decide what browser to use, they might start thinking "Well Mozilla said they will protect your privacy, but they also said they support equality and look at how that went." Give the importance of the privacy issue, this is something that will weigh on the minds of many, regardless of their opposition or support to Prop 8. That could very well be a negative view they might not overcome.

Here's the nutshell of Mozilla. I am not for litmus tests on executives, but Mozilla doesn't function like companies we are used to. Think of regular companies. They rely on people buying their product/service. Mozilla gives away their product. 90% of their income is actually from a deal with Google to have Google's search engine as the default engine in Firefox. For Google to get a ROI, that means people need to use Firefox. With Mozilla pissing off the open source community, plus countless others in the tech field, they pissed off their #1 sales person, that works without commission. This isn't an issue of "free speech" or any of that nonsense, but rather an issue of rather people should continue to promote a product when they have a moral issue with the company behind that product. This is the key point that the media, and now the right-wing have ignored. It's a viral ingredient to this discussion and one that is also rather complicated to explain.

Mozilla Fallout: The Intolerant Demand Toleraces

It hasn't even been 24 hours since newly appointed Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich, resigned his position over complaints of his support for Prop 8. Now the right is in full frenzy, preaching about tolerance.

Republicans love saying that Democrats hate the free market, but when you look at the actions of Republicans you quickly see its them that don't like a free market. Last month it was Republican legislation blocking Tesla from selling cars direct to customers. This month, Republicans in Florida are going after craft beer brewers and trying to force them to sell only through the big distributors. 


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