Well I guess he isn't such a "money maker". News just broke that he is doing drastic salary cuts for his campaign across the board. I think two words best describe this, "last throes". 

Every single time a Republican brings up a diplomatic/embassy attack from previous years, it's always one from the 90's, while Bill Clinton was President. It's as though no embassy or diplomatic station has ever been attacked during a Republican Presidency. Of course that chart above paints a different story...

Bernie is the one going up in the polls. Honestly, this is no shocker. Everyone knows Hillary and that means her support has pretty much hit the ceiling in terms of the primary. Short of a colossal explosion on the debate stage, Bernie was bound to go up, as he's selling himself to a lot of people who really don't know him, but know Hillary enough that they wanted to wait and weigh their options. 

The Intelligence Expert For America's #1 Cable News Network Was Just Indicted

A Fox news regular was just indicted on charges stemming from his employment with Fox News that should really call into question the practices of Fox "news".

Former Speaker Dennis Hastert is now expected to enter a guilty plea in his charges of funneling hush money to an unnamed individual. This appears to lend credence to the early reports that he was paying someone off to not talk about sexual relations Hastert had with a male student when he was a high school coach. Hastert appears to be doing this to avoid a public and embarassing trial. 

Finally A #DemDebate And Some Analysis

Now that America was finally able to hear the Democratic candidates debate the issues, it's time to look at who won.

I'll have more on last night's debate a little later, but I had to bring up who I am declaring the big winner. That would be the First Amendment. During the debate we didn't have a discussion on who reads the Bible more, or who spends more Sundays in church. Instead we had a very solid discussion on policy and issues. It was a debate on governing, not worshiping. Five individuals talking about what affects Americans most, trying to become Command in Chief, instead of Preacher in Chief. The sanctity of religion was honored, and not exploited as a campaign talking point. And by the First Amendment winning so big, that also means the American people won last night. A great job by all candidates. 

Charles C. Johnson, the right-wing blogger has an exclusive, claiming that Kevin McCarthy has been in a long time affair with Rep. Renee Ellmers. Johnson has a mixed track record on this type of stuff, but something else happened yesterday. Rep. Walter Jones (Mr. Freedom Fries) warned candidates for GOP leadership that if they have hidden baggage, then they need to get out of the race. Could it be Jones was talking about McCarthy? Only time will tell.

Seriously. A bit ago MSNBC did a segment on Hillary Clinton's email server and that they discovered 3 emails from overseas saying she had unpaid parking tickets, with an attachment to open and remedy it. No proof that she did open the obvious malware, which most people realize is just that, as emails like this are about as common as air.

And in other news, MSNBC is looking to hire a bunch of new reporters, as many will be resigning just as soon as their $5,000,000 check arrives from a Nigerian prince. 

With news out that Shell is abandoning their controversial drilling in the Arctic now that they found there really isn't enough oil up there, we need to really ponder if the same Shell scientists that said there was all this oil up there, if they are the same ones that tell us all the other scientists in the world are wrong on global warming. 

Save Me The "Poor John" Crap

People really need to stop the Boehner pity party and realize that his demise was brought by his own hand.

Wish I could say this was a joke, but this is the response of conservatives at a voter's value summit after Marco Rubio announced that John Boehner was resigning from Congress. Really shows the atmosphere and divisiveness that is taking over today's Republican Party.


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