In the battle over healthcare things must be getting really bad for the Republicans when they have lost their own backers at Fox News, who are now asking where a Republican alternative is. House Republicans have said they will unveil a plan later this year, which also makes you wonder why it took so long. It's not like this debate just popped up, after all. It has been going on for over 5 years now.

With New CEO Firefox Steps Into The Marriage Equality Fight

Last week Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, appointed Brendan Eich as the new CEO. Following the news, Mozilla has now found them in a huge battle over marriage equality that might not end well for the popular web browser.

MSNBC took a big chance on Ronan Farrow because of his huge following on Twitter. Unfortunately Twitter isn't a great gauge of actual personality, especially when it comes to on-air. Now the 28 year old, who was supposed to help save the struggling network, might be out of a job in the near future.This really isn't a big shocker. I gave the show a chance when it first started, but within a couple of days I just couldn't handle it anymore. It seems very amateurish in comparison to everything else.

Ted Cruz has decided to run an informal poll on Facebook asking people if they are better off under Obamacare. You simply vote by commenting yes or no. Going through the almost 50,000 responses, it appears that the yes' are outnumbering the noes. Why not head over there and voice your opinion as well?

A Loss In November Will Bear Democrat Blame

The pundits are predicting a lot of doom and gloom for Democrats this fall, but that doesn't need to be the case. They can easily turn things around, and here's how.

Friday night was the final episode of Piers Morgan on CNN. At the end of the show, he decided to take another swipe at the American gun culture:

"Now it's down to you," Morgan said. "It's your country; these are your gun laws. And the senseless slaughter will only end when enough Americans stand together and cry: Enough!"

There is a balance out there between our second amendment and gun control. People like Piers bring in a worldly view, where guns are heavily restricted or even banned, so he does have some insight. Perhaps its time to show Piers and the rest of the world that we can keep our guns, but limit what kind they are and show that we make sure our citizens are well trained and owning guns in the safest manner possible.

Yesterday news dribbled out that Putin called President Obama about the situation in Ukraine. By all accounts it's starting to sound like the sanctions are working on Putin and he wants to get things back on the right track. This is further evident by a shear silence from the war mongers on the right, who have pretty much ignored this news, or diminished it down to nothing, including Matt Drudge. Now what say you Condi, Cheney and Rumsfeld?

While courting donors in Las Vegas, Chris Christie proclaims that Republicans must "stop killing each other". That's a rather brash thing to say, especially from the 2016 GOP hopeful that is riding closest to the third rail.

A "sovereign citizen" in Ohio was killed by police after he pulled a gun on them. Sadly this level of craziness from some of our citizens is becoming more common.

Welcome To The New IntoxiNation

Changes are very common around here, but this is one I like the best and lets me include a new feature I have been wanting to do for a long time.

A new poll out by WPA Opinion Research has Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul leading the 2016 GOP field, both tied at 13%, with Jeb Bush coming in 3rd at 11%. Yup, 2016 is looking more and more like crazy season. 

Matt Drudge - Moron Or Does He Just Love Giving The IRS Money?

So there has been a big blow up following Matt Drudge making a tweet about having to pay his penalty on the Affordable Care Act. Let's dive into that, show how the right and left are both wrong and then how Matt Drudge has no one to blame but himself.

Pot Sales Net Colorada $2 Million In Taxes In One Month

The first month of legalized marijuana sales in Colorado has shown a great new revenue source for the state, which is seen as a total failure from the right.

Did The CIA Spy On The Senate Intelligence Committee?

McClatchy has done some digging and what they found could be explosive.

A Very Serious Apple Flaw, Which Apple Must Answer For

Over the weekend Apple quietly rolled out a patch to their mobile iOS operating system, which security experts say fixes one of the most major security flaws ever. But fixing it just will not sufice this time.


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