Only the lowest life form can take the death of Robin Williams and turn it into something political. Lucky for us that life form has a name, and it's Rush Limbaugh, the leader of the Republican Party. 

Remember all the "Cochran campaign paid black voters to vote" stuff a couple of months ago? It was being pushed hard by the wingnut sites and they even had a witness, Stevie Fielder. Well now Fielder is saying that was all a lie, for which he was paid to do by the McDaniel campaign. It's now gotten so bad that Mississippi's Attorney General is investigating. This race could be over in the near future, but the story is just beginning. 

When President Obama got Osama bin Laden, the right started crying that Bush wasn't given credit. When ISIS started their latest attacks in Iraq, the right doesn't want to hear anything about Bush having some blame in that. These are the things that make you stop and say "WHAT THE FUCK?????"

The Ebola Outbreak And Our Need For Change

With all the news being about the Ebola outbreak, and with an election quickly approaching, we need to start discussing more changes to make healthcare become a right and not a commodity.

Eric Cantor previously vowed to complete his session before having to leave Congress. Now he is resigning and asking Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to hold a special election for his replacement. Yes, Eric Cantor is such a sorry loser that he can't even bring his sorry ass to work for the 27 remaining days in the House legislative calendar this year, and he's one of the closest in proximity to DC. And because of this utter laziness, he expects the people of Virginia to pay for a special election, when they still will have to hold a regular election in November. Oh and of course this won't affect Cantor's pension or perks. Talk about the people of entitlement. This man exemplifies it. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

A new acquisition is announced today, continuing a troubling streak that is going to put our economy in even more risk.

In order to file a lawsuit you must be able to prove damage to your self, or standing. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) filed a lawsuit against Obamacare last year. Yesterday it was thrown out on the basis of a lack of standing. Many have argued that Boehner's lawsuit against the President also lacks standing, so could his be next?

The right would like you to believe that Executive Orders and spying on Americans didn't exist until January 20, 2009. Those of us that respect history know differently, and right here is a single example of both - spying on Americans through Executive Order. That order was issued in 1981, just weeks after the hero of the right, Ronald Reagan, took office.

Per Rush Limbaugh, the shooting down of the Malaysian flight was a perfect distraction for the media when it comes to the border. This is exactly how the conspiracy crap starts. Rush says this on his show, then by morning we'll have Facebook memes talking about Obama being behind the shooting down of the flight so the media stops talking about the border.

The two former Attorney Generals of Utah, both Republicans, have been arrested and charged with numerous counts of bribery and obstruction of justice. TPM has some very weird details of the charges that makes you think this is Hollywood.

Remember the overweight, frigid gym teacher from Porky's, Beulah Balbricker. One of the best scenes with her was when they were in the principal's office and she was saying how she would identify that "wang" and not let it slip through her fingers again. The NSFW clip can be scene here. Fast forward to today in Virginia, where a 17 year old boy may be forced to have an erection and photograph it for police investigating charges of sexting, stemming from the boy sending a consensual picture to his 15 year old girlfriend. Yes, we now live in the world of Beulah Balbricker.


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