Republicans love saying that Democrats hate the free market, but when you look at the actions of Republicans you quickly see its them that don't like a free market. Last month it was Republican legislation blocking Tesla from selling cars direct to customers. This month, Republicans in Florida are going after craft beer brewers and trying to force them to sell only through the big distributors. 

Breitbart Reporter Calls For Murder Of All Muslims

When news of todays Ft. Hood shooting broke, it didn't take long for the vitrolic right to jump to their conclusions.

The Supreme Court decided to strike down the personal aggregated limits on campaign contributions. Prior to the decision an individual could only donate about $49,000 to all campaigns combined. Now the sky is the limit. The decision went along ideological lines, with Roberts writing for the majority and declaring that free speech trumps campaign finance, open up the possibility of further challenges to get rid of even more campaign limits. Hey, it's not like money has caused corruption in our political system so far, right????

Remember a few months ago when Republicans said the Congressional Budget Office backs up their claims that "Obamacare kills jobs"? Instantly we knew it was false. What the CBO said was that people wouldn't be locked into certain jobs simply because of their employer sponsored health insurance. 

Well the CBO has another report out saying the same thing, and get ready for Republicans to twist, omit, misrepresent and lie once again. 

Speaking of the GOP having no replacement for the ACA:

Wouldn't it make more sense to repeal and try to replace with another plan, instead of repealing then saying "hey, now wait and see if we can come up with something?"

In the battle over healthcare things must be getting really bad for the Republicans when they have lost their own backers at Fox News, who are now asking where a Republican alternative is. House Republicans have said they will unveil a plan later this year, which also makes you wonder why it took so long. It's not like this debate just popped up, after all. It has been going on for over 5 years now.

With New CEO Firefox Steps Into The Marriage Equality Fight

Last week Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, appointed Brendan Eich as the new CEO. Following the news, Mozilla has now found them in a huge battle over marriage equality that might not end well for the popular web browser.

MSNBC took a big chance on Ronan Farrow because of his huge following on Twitter. Unfortunately Twitter isn't a great gauge of actual personality, especially when it comes to on-air. Now the 28 year old, who was supposed to help save the struggling network, might be out of a job in the near future.This really isn't a big shocker. I gave the show a chance when it first started, but within a couple of days I just couldn't handle it anymore. It seems very amateurish in comparison to everything else.

Ted Cruz has decided to run an informal poll on Facebook asking people if they are better off under Obamacare. You simply vote by commenting yes or no. Going through the almost 50,000 responses, it appears that the yes' are outnumbering the noes. Why not head over there and voice your opinion as well?

A Loss In November Will Bear Democrat Blame

The pundits are predicting a lot of doom and gloom for Democrats this fall, but that doesn't need to be the case. They can easily turn things around, and here's how.

Friday night was the final episode of Piers Morgan on CNN. At the end of the show, he decided to take another swipe at the American gun culture:

"Now it's down to you," Morgan said. "It's your country; these are your gun laws. And the senseless slaughter will only end when enough Americans stand together and cry: Enough!"

There is a balance out there between our second amendment and gun control. People like Piers bring in a worldly view, where guns are heavily restricted or even banned, so he does have some insight. Perhaps its time to show Piers and the rest of the world that we can keep our guns, but limit what kind they are and show that we make sure our citizens are well trained and owning guns in the safest manner possible.


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