Donald Trump Exposes The Real GOP And They Are Pissed

If you have been stuck in a cave somewhere, you may have missed all the blow up the past few days over comments Donald Trump has made about John McCain. But is what he's saying that far off from what Republicans really think?

A report is out that some big donors and higher ups in GOP circles are now working on a way to keep Donald Trump out of the debates. I can't even highlight how bad this would be for the GOP (so please do it!) First off you will alienate all Trumps supporters in a huge, guaranteed to backfire way. Second, with Trump's basically unlimited funds, coupled with his ego, I could easily see him purchasing air time on all the major networks and instead of a debate, give an unmoderated campaign speech, televised to millions. Finally, Trump hasn't ruled out a third party run. Want to really screw over Republican chances in 2016? Ban Trump from the debates and push him to run third party. 

Basically this idea is a trifecta of bad for Republicans, so let's hope it comes to being. 

Politico has a nice run down of blue dog Democrats out publicly slamming Bernie Sanders. Apparently all of us dumb Democratic voters are just way to ignorant to realize that Bernie is hurting the party. At least that appears to be their sentiment. Perhaps they would prefer a more Republican type approach, similar to the Tea Party? Yeah, because that has worked out so well for the GOP. 

I've been covering the Trump phenomena a lot lately. The reason is that Donald Trump is becoming more than just a thorn in the side of the RNC, but also a real threat to them. That is now even more evident as Trump has taken the lead in his first national poll. Add to that him leaving the door open yesterday for a third party run and the RNC has a huge problem on their hands. How huge? Well the fact that they are starting to publicly admit it more means this could be a primary nightmare for the RNC, the likes that we have never seen. For my fellow political junkies out there, this is a golden cycle to be alive!

An emotional gathering today as South Carolina removed the Confederate Flag from the State Capital. For many this is a sign of moving on, coming together and embracing repairs this country has put off for all too long. For others, well they are still stuck in the past. It's now time they either accept what the American society has pushed for or risk obscurity. It's a good day for America. 

That's the speculation right now as Trump has now said he won't commit to backing the party's eventual nominee. That really puts the GOP in a bigger pickle than I mentioned earlier. Now they need to try to tame him, but in such a way that it won't piss him off and make him go third party. Add to that his continuous rise in the polls, his chance of going rogue are even greater and pose an even larger threat to Republicans. So much fun in politics these days! 

Ever sit there and think "I really need to work more hours?" Well good news. You don't have to think that because Jeb Bush is thinking it for you. Yes, the brother of the President that took more vacation time than any other President actually said Americans need to work more hours. Of course this is no shock. We've heard this from Republicans for years. For example, Jack Kingston, a Republican from Georgia made the very same complaint on the House floor in 2005, saying if families can't survive then they need 2 or 3 jobs. Of course a couple of months later, when Democrats regained control of the House and announced 5 day work weeks, Jack Kingston whined and complained that Democrats didn't care about families and were "keeping us up here eats away at families".

That's your Republican Party. Go ahead and vote for them if you like, but don't you dare bitch about working so many hours to barely survive. It's what you voted for!

The Mad GOP's Creation Is On The Loose. Run From Trumpenstein!

After spending the past several years embracing his crazy birther rants and media whoring, the Republican Party has realized they've created a monster in Donald Trump. Now how to stop it?


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