Last Night Dr. Ben Carson announced he was running for the 2016 Republican nomination. This morning Carly Fiorina announced her run. In a period of twelve hours, the GOP gained a conspiracy theorist and the person who was responsible for a huge downfall with one of America's tech giants. Yup, this is the "brightest" of the Republicans. 

Will Republicans Finally Take The Threat Of Terrorism Seriously?

Following an attempted attack on a "draw Muhammed" even in Texas Sunday evening, will Republicans finally realize that we do face a threat that must be dealt with?

The Right Can't Understand Why Hillary Differs From Bill

An article in the Washington Post has exposed a problem in politics, but it's not the problem they think.

Yes, seriously. He has directed the national guard to monitor the U.S. military during their Jade Helm 15 training exercise, because all the Dale Gribbles of Red State USA think that Obama is going to have the U.S. military come in and declare martial law, then take all of their guns. Oh and then they think that if this would actually happen, and our military would follow such a crazy-ass, illegal order, that they can somehow fend off the military force of the United States. Hey Texas, if all that happens, then what? We'll drop you and there goes the billions in U.S. tax dollars you get to survive each year! Oh and have fun with your major league sports teams, when they are stuck in a league all their own - literally. 

John Roberts Horrible Assault On Democracy

Many on the left are celebrating a decision made by the Supreme Court yesterday as a win for campaign finance reform, however I find it anything but.

This Thursday the Democratic field will grow by one, with Senator Bernie Sanders announcing a run for President on the Democratic ticket. He is a long shot, especially in the primary, but he is the man I would love to see on our ticket.  

Parma, Missouri now has their first ever African-American female Mayor. So how does the town celebrate this historical day? 80% of the towns police force decide to walk off the job. Aren't you glad John Roberts has declared racism over in our nation?

Perhaps The Right Should Have Vetted Their Latest Hero

An Air Force veteran made news this weekend when she was arrested after trying to take a flag from protestors, which the protestors were stepping on. Quickly hailed as a hero by the right, there is more to this "patriot" than meets the eye.

While Indiana is busy working on new ways to treat LGBT and others as second class citizens, a southeastern Indiana county has seen more than two dozen new HIV cases in an area already plagued by the problem. This brings the total cases to 130 now, All the cases have been tied to a growing rash of intravenous drug use. 

After the anti-gay owners of Memories Pizza in Indiana raised close to a million dollars through crowd funding, a New Jersey deli owner hopes for the same. Jim Boggess, the owner of Jimbo's Deli in Flemington, New Jersey, was forced to close this week after loss of business from his stunt of declaring March "White History Month" in his store. Now Boggess has turned to GoFundMe in hopes that fellow haters will support his backwards thinking. It doesn't appear to be going that well though, as he has only raised $215 in four days.

The "pay for play" deputy sheriff who shot and killed an unarmed Eric Harris in Tulsa County was not properly trained, according to reports. To make matters even worse, actual trained supervisors were transferred by the sheriff for refusing to falsify documents stating Robert Bates was properly trained. In a just society the sheriff would now be charged as an accomplice. 


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