Deer Park, Ohio is a small little suburb just north of Cincinnati. I know the town well, having worked there most of the 1990's. During the last week of October police responded to a psychiatric call. They ended up finding weapons and a manifesto naming several federal level politicians, now leading to the FBI, Secret Service and Capital Police flying in to investigate. No identities have been released, but the man was saying his name was "Jesus Christ". We hear stories like this a lot, but having one hit so close to home, in a town I worked in for years....well that just makes it even more scary. 

Time To Put The Donkey Down

After last nights humiliating defeat, Democrats need to either do a total reboot, or just give up.

The Friday before elections and two big stories came out that are very bad for Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell. First is a story of a shipping company owned by the Minority Leader's in-laws. They are being investigate by the Colombian government after 40kg of cocaine was found on one of their ships during a routine inspection. Foremost Group, the company in question, is the source of much of Mitch's wealth. The company is actually based in Liberia to avoid US taxes and labor laws, and has been considered shady for years.

Then we get some news about Mitch's campaign tactics. Last night the Grimes campaign filed for an injunction against McConnell's campaign for what appears to be illegal voter intimidation. The mailer has the words "Election Violation Notice" scrawled across the front of an official looking envelope. The mailer was approved by the Kentucky Republican Party and McConnell campaign, and could very well be a violation of state and federal campaign laws. 

Hopefully Kentucky voters will wake up to what appears to be criminal activity by McConnell and his closest inner circle and send him packing on Tuesday.

The lawyers John Boehner's House Republicans paid for to try and sue President Obama have decided not to file suit. John Boehner has now had two different law firms back out, apparently because they feel what President Obama is doing is, well what Presidents do. That now begs the question of why? Why did House Republicans feel it necessary to try and sue President Obama for doing his job? 

There has been a war going on for a few months between two bloggers on different sides of the partisan fence, with one common factor - their name. Charles C. Johnson is a right wing blogger, who broke into the nursing home housing a Senator's sick wife. Charles Johnson is the founder of Little Green Footballs, a blog that was once on the right, but moved to the left. Now the former has decided to track down the later and attempt to post pictures of his home. The problem, Johnson hasn't lived there in almost 10 years. 

Another teen needlessly murdered in cold blood by a "responsible gun owner". The 13 year old's crime to justify death? He laughed at his assailant. Welcome to the America that the right, NRA and ignorant gun nuts hold so dear. 

Yesterday the news was a flutter with details of the leaked autopsy report the grand jury is using to investigate the shooting death of Michael Brown. Now the DOJ has condemned that move as trying to sway the public. They also cited the release of the video of Brown's alteration with a store owner just minutes before the shooting as part of this campaign. A few weeks ago we heard reports that someone on the grand jury was talking, and with this new information, it's starting to make me wonder if that isn't the case. If it's not the jury, then it is someone on the prosecution's team, since they are the only ones in the court room. Either way, it's time to pull that grand jury and call in a special prosecutor so that we can get the truth. 

No I'm not talking about a threat of an outbreak, but rather just how reactionary we are as a nation. We have people freaking out, listening to the talking heads and politicians, instead of the medical professionals. Apparently all the doctors saying an outbreak basically won't happen here, are in some type of collusion to misinform the people so that Obama can kill of America. Then, in the next breath, they have a hissy-fit because Obama's Ebola Czar isn't a doctor. It's really mind boggling just how dumb and cowardly America has become.

With More Cases Of Ebola, It's Time To Talk Sick Days

Many want us to think that mandated paid sick days would be some sort of socialism, however we can now easily see that it is more a matter of public health.

Early this morning Texas officials released a statement that a healthcare worker at the hospital Thomas Eric Duncan was a patient has tested positive for Ebola. There isn't many details yet, meaning none really. Things I am interested in finding out include this person's actual job capacity, when this person was treating Duncan (was it after his diagnosis and quarantine, or before), and exactly how this person contracted it, given the fact that Ebola can only be caught through direct contact with bodily fluid and must have an entry point, such as a cut, mouth, eyes, etc. 

Ebola And Rick Perry's 3am Call

With the passing of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, the focus must now turned on the horribly failed response of the Texas healthcare system.

One of the NRA's favorite talking points is "well if they had a gun too". It's a way to urge more Americans to go out and buy guns, as that will some how make them safer. Well that was tried and tested by William Coleman III of Oregon. He was out, open and carrying his gun, when an armed robber came up and told him "I like your gun, now give it to me". William complied and was left open and not carrying


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