That should really serve as no shock, but there is an interesting twist here. With 93% of the precincts reporting, Boehner is struggling to break 70%. In every other primary he has had here, he has constantly been in the mid-80's. In 2012, he won by 84% and by 85% in 2010. Before that he has pretty much gone unchallenged. So Boehner has always been very safe, but this year he saw some serious challenge and that took a chunk out of him. If this trend continues, 2016 could end up being almost fatal to him.

My what a difference a President of a different color makes. During the Bush years, Republicans were all about security and how it even trumps out rights. Now that we have a black man in the White House, the terrorists might as well go ahead and attack. Take Bob Johnson as an example. Dr. Johnson is a Republican running for Georgia's 1st congressional district. When asked about the TSA screenings at airports, Dr. Johnson replied "I’d rather see another terrorist attack, truly I would, than to give up my liberty as an American citizen". That just proves that terrorism was never about security or the implications that come with it, but rather a political issue for Republicans. Sickening! 

Why The GOP Should Support The Internet As A Public Utility

Mozilla, on the heals of their botched hiring of Brendan Eich as CEO, is now fighting the recent FCC decision to allowed a tiered internet. The companies plan is powerful and it just might work.

Here's a very interesting article about the homes destroyed by the deadly tornados in Arkansas last week. The destroyed homes  were mounted to the foundations using a technique called split nailing, instead of bolting. Split nailing is the minimum anchoring technique under Arkansas building codes, and also provides the least secure method of anchoring. So why builders, building houses in tornado alley use the bare minimum to keep the house on the ground? Simple, it costs less. And why would a state in tornado alley not have more strict building requirements? Simple, it's red state America and they believe the free market will make the better call. For Republicans, this means they can only blame the homeowners, who should have known better. I mean, isn't every homebuyer a structural engineer?

One of the things that I really couldn't understand with the right's defense of Cliven Bundy was their defense of the grounds in which Bundy was standing on. We have a man who has refused to follow a law, enacted by Congress in 1966 and upheld by the courts numerous times, as well as court orders directing Bundy to pay. All the BLM did was enforce the law. And when you think of the arguments prior to Bundy, it was that Obama didn't enforce the law. Well not the argument has come full circle again, with the WSJ pushing for Congress to sue Obama for not enforcing the law. Of course it isn't over Bundy, but only the laws that the right want enforced. 

Yesterday the right was going gaga over a report from the House Energy and Commerce Committee that said only 67% of enrollees in the ACA have paid their first premium by April 15. At first thought, I decided that 67% is actually a pretty decent number. Remember how the right tried to say the 8 million enrollees number was wrong? Well if 67% paid, that means 5,360,000 signed up for the ACA, and that is only through the federal market place.

But it turns out that the House GOP decided to release a highly flawed report. That April 15th date? Well people who signed up after March 15 didn't have their first premiums due by April 15. That's about 40% of enrollees, or what I call a big oversight by the people of oversight. And if that isn't enough proof for you, even the insurers are disputing the numbers, saying the real number is more like 80-85% that have paid

So other manufactured lie by the GOP and pushed by their little minions in the blogosphere to try and paint the ACA as a failure. Of course the biggest failure is the GOP and their inability to accept reality.

The Militia leader at Bundy Ranch has said he will "rip Harry Reid's balls off" and also talked about a coming civil war. Like I said yesterday, this thing will turn into a WACO before it's over. The government's backing down of enforcing the court order because of safety concerns, could very well lead to an even bigger body count. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm not really sure what the government should do next, but something is going to have to be done.

Dick Morris has given the kiss of death to Rick Perry by declaring that Perry can make a comeback. Even if Perry wasn't currently under investigation by a Texas grand jury, that would still be enough to end any presidential aspirations the Texas Governor might have.

Rep. Steven Horsford, the Democrat who represents the area around Cliven Bundy's ranch, has released a letter to local law enforcement about reports that Bundy's militia is setting up armed checkpoints. If this is the case, then it's soon going to be time for the feds to go in and start disarming these wannabe soldiers. Perhaps it's also a reason why the right was so quick to distance themselves from Bundy over a couple of racist comments that echoed Phil Robertson, a man the right supported.

JD Winteregg, a Tea Partier running against John Boehner in the primary next week has lost his job as an adjunct professor at a Christian college in Ohio. Apparently the school doesn't think his ad claiming Boehner has "Electile Dysfunction". Of course this puts the right in an interesting position. They stood behind Phil Robertson when A&E suspended him over comments made in an interview. They blasted the LGBT community for their boycott of Mozilla over the hiring of Eich as CEO, a man who donated to the anti-prop 8 measure. So will they go after a Christian school for firing a person for an ad he made on his own time?

Yesterday the right exploded that Donald Sterling was a Democrat. Their evidence? An article that said he donated to Grey Davis and Bill Bradley. Well the Bill Bradley one was wrong. That Donald Sterling was a junior that lived in Portland, Or. The Davis one was right, but I didn't feel that makes Sterling a Democrat. Business owners give to gubernatorial candidates in their state all the time. It's part of the campaign finance machine. But that didn't stop Drudge and the rest of the right from pushing the "Sterling is a Democrat" meme all day yesterday.

Well here we are, on a new day, and one that will again be leaving the right look like idiots. It turns out that Sterling is and has been a registered Republican since 1998. Has the right gone through and corrected the record though? Hell no. Drudge just deletes the link and the right wing blogs keep pushing their lie as is. Pretty irresponsible coming from the party of "personal responsibility". 


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