Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) made fame earlier this year when he threatened to throw a reporter off the balcony of the House. The reasoning for the violent outburst was because of questions the reporter asked about a federal probe into Grimm's campaign finances. Well now the feds have just thrown him off the balcony, by indicting him on charges related to campaign finances. Of course Grimm is taking the usual Republican defense of "it's a political attack". Yeah, because all Republicans are so innocent.

(UPDATE: The indictment hasn't actually come out yet, but Grimm's attorneys have said it is coming)

The RNC communications director is upset that his party has been lumped in with Bundy. Funny that I don't remember the media pushing Republicans to praise Bundy or fly out there to stand by his side. Of course maybe the whole identity politics thing really isn't that great. And perhaps the RNC should think twice before they jump into the identity attacks.

Racist rancher, Cliven Bundy, the now former hero of the right, has again doubled-down on his racist comments, blaming MLK for people being offended by what he spewed. Apparently the man has no sense of personal responsibility. He has used land that is not his to feed his cattle and fatten his wallet. Now he blames the greatest civil rights hero of our nation's history for him making racist comments. Perhaps the right will find a way to rebrand him and run him for President. 

After weeks of non-stop Bundy coverage, Fox News has gone totally silent on the Nevada Rancher following his very racist remarks. I like to think that Fox really isn't that shallow, and instead will be presenting a new angle to the story tonight.

Remember bowgate, the outrage exhibited by the right when Obama would bow to other world leaders? Yeah it's been a few years, but now the right has found a way to make it live again, this time with President Obama bowing to a robot. Perhaps this was the missing start to The Matrix, of how the machines actually took over?

Through all the bull of the so called IRS scandal, one thing has stuck out in my mind. It's when Darrell Issa wouldn't allow records of progressive groups being targeted to be discussed. He even told his staff he only wanted records of conservative groups that were targeted. Well that makes for a very biased investigation and now through a Freedom of Information Request, Think Progress has obtained records showing that progressive groups were actually targeted more aggressively than conservative. Something about pesky facts comes to mind.

Wildman Walker, a legend in the Cincinnati radio scene and someone I have had the honor of calling a friend for over 2 decades has had enough of Clear Channel and corporate radio and has locked himself into an independent local station to make his point. For those not familiar with Cincinnati, Wildman is a legend in this town. He was the sportscaster for the top rock station, WEBN. WEBN was taken over by Clear Channel some years back and they eventually got rid of Wildman. I can't tell you how much I love the fact he is standing up to the corporate monstrosity that has ruined radio in this country.

A new survey of over 35 years of data has concluded:

After-tax middle-class incomes in Canada — substantially behind in 2000 — now appear to be higher than in the United States. The poor in much of Europe earn more than poor Americans.

Good thing we have the Ryan plan to help fix that, through raising taxes on the middle-class and poor while lowering them on the upper class. Yeah, that should get us right back on track. 

A Nevada television station has obtained property records for the Bundy Ranch that blows a huge hole in his ancestral claims to the land. Bundy has said his family started ranching there in the 1800's, but property records indicate the land was purchased by Bundy's parents in 1948, two years after the BLM came into existence. I'm sure Hannity will find a way to spin this one though and his minions on the right will be certain to claim Obama is a master forger at documents, so now they can tie this into the birther conspiracy.


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