Silence comes from the pro-life crowd with this horrific story out of Georgia, where a cop beat a pregnant woman so hard she had a miscarriage, for simply not liking her tone. I guess #fetuslivesmatter only applies when a bunch of politicians can actually tell a woman what to do with her body. 

Assumptions And Facts In North Carolina Mulsim Killing

Three Muslim students at the University of North Carolina were shot execution style in their home last night. A heinous crime to say the last, but one made worse by horrid assumptions of the internets.

Two late breaking stories taking the country by storm. First off we have Jon Stewart announcing he is retiring from The Daily Show. Then within an hour, NBC announces that Brian Williams will be suspended for six months without pay. Definitely a lot to absorb, and I'm sure I'll have more on it tomorrow.

A teen girl wasn't looking forward to starting her new job at a pizza place and decided to complain about it on Twitter. When her new boss caught wind of it, he decided to fire her on Twitter. Let's face it, kids can be dumb and do dumb things. That's why we have age requirements on certain things. But the actions by her employer are very unprofessional, if not totally idiotic. Perhaps a phone call or wait until she actually drug herself into work, then fire her, but to do it in a public forum like Twitter could risk some civil action, especially since the teen never even mentioned the place.

It's a very rare occasion for me to actually get on Twitter. I figure it's been more than a quarter century since I was in high school, so why would I was to relive the worst parts in an online way? That's exactly what Twitter is; jabs, insults, "gotchas" and burns, all in 140 characters or less. To make matters worse, it seems like Twitter never even really cared about that, no matter how horrid the bullying became. Well that all might be changing soon, with the CEO of Twitter admitting they have failed in this area. Well admitting the problem is always the first step. Now how are you going to fix it?

If you ever debated Constitutional politics with someone on the right, they will tell you how awesome the Constitution is, until you go point by point. Then it becomes how awesome the second amendment is and nothing else. So it shouldn't' be shocking that the white trash, nitwits from Alaska now want to rewrite the whole thing, and have the authors composed of purely Christian conservatives. Yeah, because nothing spells democracy like letting fringe, extremists speak for all the people. 

Why I Blame Republican Politics For The Nation's Heroin Epidemic

America has an out of control heroin problem, and one stat can show you that our blame needs to be directed at Washington, and Republicans in particular.

Sam Brownback, who turned Kansas into a failed experiment of Conservative governance, now has a new plan to drive taxes down - delay pension payments. So in the ideal Conservative world, you won't have to pay income tax, but of course that also means you won't have any income to tax. Anyone else feel like their head is about to explode?

Republicans love preaching personal responsibility, but when it's them that get caught red handed, they quickly turn to the blame game. Take the latest story of a copy of the State of the Union they uploaded, that magically had the climate change stuff edited out. When Think Progress first took note of it, the House GOP accused them of lying. Now they are trying to blame it on YouTube. I guess YouTube has nothing better to do than sit there and check and edit the millions of videos uploaded daily? Give me a fucking break! You guys tried to pull a fast one and got caught. Own up to it! And don't sit there and try to blame some "staffer", when the one making the excuses is the spokesperson for the Speaker of the House. Nothing but a bunch of damn children! 


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