Wildman Walker, a legend in the Cincinnati radio scene and someone I have had the honor of calling a friend for over 2 decades has had enough of Clear Channel and corporate radio and has locked himself into an independent local station to make his point. For those not familiar with Cincinnati, Wildman is a legend in this town. He was the sportscaster for the top rock station, WEBN. WEBN was taken over by Clear Channel some years back and they eventually got rid of Wildman. I can't tell you how much I love the fact he is standing up to the corporate monstrosity that has ruined radio in this country.

A new survey of over 35 years of data has concluded:

After-tax middle-class incomes in Canada — substantially behind in 2000 — now appear to be higher than in the United States. The poor in much of Europe earn more than poor Americans.

Good thing we have the Ryan plan to help fix that, through raising taxes on the middle-class and poor while lowering them on the upper class. Yeah, that should get us right back on track. 

A Nevada television station has obtained property records for the Bundy Ranch that blows a huge hole in his ancestral claims to the land. Bundy has said his family started ranching there in the 1800's, but property records indicate the land was purchased by Bundy's parents in 1948, two years after the BLM came into existence. I'm sure Hannity will find a way to spin this one though and his minions on the right will be certain to claim Obama is a master forger at documents, so now they can tie this into the birther conspiracy.

The right is going full force after President Obama for delaying the Keystone Pipeline decision. However the delay isn't there alone. In Nebraska the law is held up by a legal challenge and awaiting a decision by the state's Supreme Court, which won't come until next January at the earliest. By that time the permit in North Dakota will be expired. So we got one very red state providing a roadblock to the project and another very red state that can present a new roadblock. Could you imagine the outrage of the right if Obama approved the pipeline and forced these states to let it be built?

Thanks to the heroics of Cliven Bundy and his right wing militia, we are no longer a nation of laws. So what a better way to celebrate than Bundyfest, It will be 30 days of rockin' music, nudity, drugs, anything you want since the right has declared no laws now. It's right across the street from the Bundy ranch and sure to surpass Burning Man as the festival of all festivals. Check out the Facebook page and a video from the organizer right here.

Following a former grand master of the KKK shooting up a Jewish center last week, CNN actually wonders if the KKK can rebrand themselves into a much more lovable group. Apparently the decades of lynching of black people, simply because of their skin color is nothing more than an imaging problem. Yes, the most trusted name in news. Maybe next they will just run recruitment ads for the Klan.

19 days after the discovery of the most serious security flaw in the world of the internet, and the government finally gets around to checking healthcare.gov and realizing it is affected. Yesterday I wrote a blog post about how the NSA's knowledge of the bug may have undermined national security and most likely put into jeopardy the personal information of millions of the citizens the agency is charged with protecting. Now we'll probably have the GOP going after the administration over the slow response to Heartbleed, and I can't blame them one bit. The fix for this bug is very simple and on average takes about 30 seconds. Why wasn't the government on it as soon as news broke and updates pushed out? Hell, why doesn't the government just do regular security updates of their software for that matter? There needs to be answers to this.

The NSA Should Work To Help Secure The Internet

With the discovery of the Heartbleed bug last week, news quickly came out that the NSA knew about the problem and used it to gain access to computers. But if they knew, then it can easily be believed that other countries knew as well. Maybe they used the bug against our interests.

A Peoria family was met with horror this week as police knocked down their doors, seized their electronic devices and hauled them in for questioning. The reason for such a police action? Apparently one member is behind a fake Twitter account that impersonates the mayor of Peroria, Il. The charges he is facing? False personation of a public official, a Class A misdemeanor in the state. 

The big name 2016 GOP hopefuls apparently don't want to jump into the Cliven Bundy fiasco. The Hill has asked Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio for their opinions of the Nevada Rancher's stand off with the government and all three have refused to answer.True how can one say they stand for law and order, when this is a case of someone breaking the law and the right helping him avoid justice?

The Pasteur Institute in France has lost over 2,300 vials of the SARS virus. Thankfully the lab and independent groups have determined the missing samples to not be infectious. Well at least that's what we're hoping...


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