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Mr. President, Where Do You Stand On Net Neutrality?

With net neutrality on its death bed, where is our President and Democratic leadership?

Did He or Didn't He Know?

With revelations that the NSA was spying on world leaders since as early as 2002, questions are now focused on when and if President Obama even knew what the NSA was up to. Problems

With the launch of the healthcare exchanges, technical problems have prevented people from signing up, including yours truly.

What A Difference A Week Makes In The NSA Stuff

New revelations bring the same old questions with the Snowden files.

Mr. President, It's Time To Step Up!

Even though the NSA tapping has gone on long before President Obama ever took the oath of office, or even ran for President, it's time for some transparency and answers on the questions floating out there.

So Obama Did End NSA Email Collection???

James O'Keefe Makes A Strong Argument Against The Private Sector

Reminder: The Government Has Been In The Snooping Game For Years!

Intercepted Letter To President Obama Contains Suspicious Substance

The GOP Problem - Democracy!

Does Matt Drudge Understand How Laws Are Made?

OMG Obama Is Going Back To Hawaii!!!!!!

Marc Thiesen Wants All Our Taxes To Go Up

The Election That Couldn't Be Bought

Hurricane Sandy Proves Republicans Care Only About Party


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