Bernie's Yugeeee Victory Last Night

While the pundit class focuses on Trump's new status as presumptive nominee, the bigger story coming out of Indiana's primary was taking place on the Democratic side of things.

Mark Foley and Dennis Hastert And Some New Questions

Now that prosecutors have filed papers asserting that Dennis Hastert, during his time as a wrestling coach, had sexual relations with at least 4 underage students, it's time to look back to a story from a decade ago.

Sorry Clinton Supporters, Your Latest Attack On Sanders Isn't So "Sweet"

Following the arguments on the Democratic side of the presidential race this week of oil donations to candidates, the Hillary supporting crowd thinks they found a gotcha from another industry to go after Sanders with. Perhaps they should have looked a little deeper.

The National Enquire Bombshell On Cruz - Fact Or Politics?

The National Enquirer has released a huge piece alledging Ted Cruz has been involved in multiple affairs. But could there be something else to it?

Pete Rose Endorses Donald Trump? Not So Fast

News went like wildfire here in the Buckeye state that our favorite son endorsed Donald Trump. But new information doesn't seem to back that up.

Trump Really Loves The Police, But Doesn't Believe Them

Following a gushy love for the police by Donald Trump at the 12th Republican Presidential debate, the GOP front-runner quickly turned to a totally different stance.

Trump Really Hates China, Except When He Really Loves Them

Bloomberg is out with a story today that shows the hypocrisy of Donald J. Trump in action.

A Day After Being Indicted On Fraud Charges, Big Time GOP Donor Dies In Fiery Crash

While we have two more days to wait for the next season of House of Cards, we get a story to wet our appetites.

Updated Turnout Tracking Including Super Tuesday

I just updated the turnout tracking to include yesterday's contests. The trend I've been seeing is continuing, and that is problematic.

Why Does Ted Cruz Hate The Consitution And State Sovereignty?

The lawyer running to be the GOP Presidential candidate sure doesn't seem to understand the law.