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2008 Was Much Worse For Party Unity

With party unity being the big concern this week, let's take a look back to convention time 2008.

Can The DNC Put Out The Fire?

With emails being leaked, a chair stepping down and the party in turmoil all coming on the week of their convention, what will it take for the DNC to survive?

The Most Ignored And Dangerous Part Of Trump's Speech

There were countless red flags in Donald Trump's acceptance speech for the RNC presidential nominee last night, but one that I feel should wave the strongest is also one that isn't being talked about.

Trump Seeks To Expand The Apprentice To The White House

Per Chris Christie, Donald Trump is looking to have Congress pass a law, essentially turning out government into his old reality show.

Wingnut Blogger Arrested After Pointing Gun At BLM Rally

Now facing up to 20 years in prison, a blogger on a popular far-right site is sitting in a jail awaiting his trial

This Week's Constitutional Assault. Brought To You By Conservatives

While Democrats are staging a sit-in in the House to keep suspected terrorists from buying guns, the conservatives in Congress and the Supreme Court are quickly nullifying the 4th Amendment.

Trump Launches A New Site

Donald J. Trump has made his big general transition with the launch of a new site. But is it really his site?

Putting The Donkey Out To Pasture

With Hillary Clinton set to become the nominee of the Democratic Party, a truly historic moment, we need to take time to reflect what it means long term.

What Is She Afraid Of?

With two weeks to go before California heads to the polls, it looks like one of their choices is refusing to debate.

When Will Hillary Clinton Denounce Wendell Pierce And Ed Rendell?

Over the past few days there has been an onslaught of calls for Bernie Sanders to denounce actions of his supporters. But what about the actions of some higher profile supporters of Hillary Clinton's?

Bernie's Yugeeee Victory Last Night

While the pundit class focuses on Trump's new status as presumptive nominee, the bigger story coming out of Indiana's primary was taking place on the Democratic side of things.

Mark Foley and Dennis Hastert And Some New Questions

Now that prosecutors have filed papers asserting that Dennis Hastert, during his time as a wrestling coach, had sexual relations with at least 4 underage students, it's time to look back to a story from a decade ago.

Sorry Clinton Supporters, Your Latest Attack On Sanders Isn't So "Sweet"

Following the arguments on the Democratic side of the presidential race this week of oil donations to candidates, the Hillary supporting crowd thinks they found a gotcha from another industry to go after Sanders with. Perhaps they should have looked a little deeper.

The National Enquire Bombshell On Cruz - Fact Or Politics?

The National Enquirer has released a huge piece alledging Ted Cruz has been involved in multiple affairs. But could there be something else to it?

Pete Rose Endorses Donald Trump? Not So Fast

News went like wildfire here in the Buckeye state that our favorite son endorsed Donald Trump. But new information doesn't seem to back that up.


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