National Security

Senate Armed Services Committee Votes 16-12 In Favor Of Repealing DADT

Full Body Scanner Reveals Man’s Small Penis And Leads To Assault

Lindsey Graham Thinks The 2nd Amendment Trumps The 5th

New Gun Control Laws Could Be A Big Win For Democrats

Republicans Show Their Disdain For The Constitution

Failed Car Bomb Found In Times Square

BREAKING: Al Qaeda Leader In Iraq Killed

Memo: U.S. Has No Strategy To Deal With A Nuclear Iran

How To Destroy Your Military Career

Polish President And High Level Staff Die In Plane Crash

BREAKING: Air Marshals Stop Alleged Shoe Bombing

Kyrgyz Government Appears To Be Overthrown

A Majority Of Israelis View Obama As Friendly And Fair

Note From The Ocean World: “Stop Showing Us Off”

Scott Brown Shows His Idiocy


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