With New CEO Firefox Steps Into The Marriage Equality Fight

Last week Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, appointed Brendan Eich as the new CEO. Following the news, Mozilla has now found them in a huge battle over marriage equality that might not end well for the popular web browser.

A Very Serious Apple Flaw, Which Apple Must Answer For

Over the weekend Apple quietly rolled out a patch to their mobile iOS operating system, which security experts say fixes one of the most major security flaws ever. But fixing it just will not sufice this time.

NY Post Again Claims Climate Change Farce Because Of Snow

While Australia is still smoldering in a record breaking heatwave, the New York Post, owned by Austrlian Ruppert Murdoch, again claims global warming is a farce because SNOW!

New FCC Head Doesn't Understand Net Neutrality

The new top dog at the FCC has made some statements that appear to contradict even the FCC's own net neutrality rule

The Hunt For False Security

Since Edward Snowden, Google has become the target of countless concern trolls. The latest attacks are just plain silly.

This Privacy Lawsuit Against Gmail Can Change Your Email For The Worse

With all the concerns over government tapping of the internet, here is one lawsuit I just can't get behind and one that can destroy your email experience.

Facebook Outage Highlights Possible Privacy Concerns

Regulation Has Lead To Expensive And Slow Internet

Current Drought Blows Out The Dust Bowl

Our Tech President

FTC Pushing For Tougher Online Consumer Privacy

File Sharing Site Megaupload Shutdown By Feds

The Economy Killing Patriot Act?

Get Ready To Pay More For Substandard Internet

A Perfect Example Of Why Tea Party Thinking Is Archaic


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