1,444 Gun Deaths Since Newtown

It has been 48 days since Adam Lanza went to Sandy Hook Elementary and engaged in a shooting spree that left 20 children shot dead. Since then a lot has been discussed about gun control and legislation is slowly starting to form.

But there has been one question that has been plaguing me since that gruesome December morning - how many guns deaths have happened in the United States since then? Well Slate has started a crowd sourcing project to answer that question and right now the tally stands at 1,444.

1,444??? That's over 30 gun deaths per day in our nation. That is also about 1/2 of a 9/11 in under two months.

How can anyone in their right mind hear that and not think "my God, we have a serious problem"? Sadly they do though. If you listened to the Senate testimony of NRA talking head, Wayne LaPierre yesterday, you know that the nation's biggest gun organization thinks this is all perfectly normal.

Hopefully during this debate common sense can prevail and the powerful money of the gun lobby will be defeated. Our nation has a serious epidemic when it comes to guns and we desperately need a cure.