35,000 Occupy Foley Park Last Night, But What Was Missing?

Last night police estimated a crowd of about 35,000 occupying Foley Park. The above is one of the thousands of pictures that emerged from the event.

Looking through all these pictures, you know what I noticed is missing? I noticed things like this weren't there:

Nor this:

People came to this event out of true outrage. They weren't lured their by celebrity names and offered cushy rides on corporate sponsored buses. That is how the Tea Party gets people to their rallies.

The Occupy movement is 100% grassroots, unlike the astroturf Tea Party. Occupy is the most American movement we have seen in a generation and one the resembles the founding of our nation. In fact Occupy is far more aligned to the Boston Tea Party then the Tea Party will ever be, considering the actual Boston Tea Party was more about inequality than it was taxes. That's what Occupy is fighting against - inequality. The fact that the 1% continue to see their tax burden go down and their benefits from our nation go up, while the opposite happens to the 99%.

This is why Occupy will be something the Tea Party never will be - a genuine movement by the people. Our founding fathers would be proud to see what the people did yesterday. Of course the right will never accept this as they "love" our country so much that they constantly rewrite and distort the history of what made the United States what it is today. They can go ahead and continue with the distortions though because more Americans know what really happened and Occupy has become a true grassroots force in America, something else the Tea Party will never be.