Afghanistan Riots

I am glad to see how much the Middle East is loving us. We "liberated" Afghanistan from the Taliban and this is how we are thanked:

A deadly traffic accident Monday involving U.S. troops sparked the worst rioting in the Afghan capital since the fall of the Taliban regime, with hundreds of protesters looting shops and shouting "Death to America!" At least eight people were killed and 107 injured, an official said.

Hundreds of Afghan army troops and NATO peacekeepers in tanks were deployed around the city, as chanting protesters marched on the presidential palace and rioters smashed police guard boxes, set fire to police cars and ransacked buildings, including the compound of aid group CARE International. Computers were set on fire and smoke billowed from the buildings, according to an Associated Press reporter.

The reporter saw several demonstrators pull a man who appeared to be a Westerner from a civilian vehicle and beat him. The man escaped and ran to a line of police, who fired shots over the heads of the demonstrators.

A spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition expressed regret for any deaths and injuries, and said there would be an investigation. Afghan President Hamid appealed for calm and said the government "will do its utmost to protect the lives of the people and their property."

We are not wanted in the Middle East and our government can not get that through their heads. The longer we stay in Iraq and Afghanistan the more they will hate us and the stronger that will make people like Osama.