Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Helping The Terrorists

Jonathon Weisman at the WSJ echoes something I have been saying all along:

Islamic radicals are seizing on protests against a planned Islamic community center near Manhattan's Ground Zero and anti-Muslim rhetoric elsewhere as a propaganda opportunity and are stepping up anti-U.S. chatter and threats on their websites.

One jihadist site vowed to conduct suicide bombings in Florida to avenge a threatened Koran burning, while others predicted an increase in terrorist recruits as a result of such actions.

"By Allah, the wars are heated and you Americans are the ones who…enflamed it," says one such posting. "By Allah you will be the first to taste its flames."

White House homeland security adviser John Brennan told reporters Friday that he had seen no evidence that the debate over the proposed Islamic center in Lower Manhattan, other mosque protests or the planned Koran burning had affected U.S. counterterrorism efforts.

Of course hatred trumps common sense for so many in this country. It’s easy to burn a Koran or say no to a Mosque, but its hard to comprehend that these actions are alienating the second largest religion in the world. Does America really want a billion Muslims pissed off at us, instead of a few hundred radicals?