Big Spill Day

In about 10 minutes the White House will hold a joint press briefing with Robert Gibbs and Thad Allen, in what is probably the start of a much more out front White House when it comes to the spill:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs's briefing, which normally comes in the afternoon, takes place at 10 a.m., and will be conducted by Adm. Thad Allen, the national incident commander in charge of the response to the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

Following that we have this:

The briefing is happening early to make way for a Facebook video chat with energy czar Carol Browner, who has become one of the go-to oil spill people at the White House in the past week.

President Obama also plans to hold a full meeting of his Cabinet -- not a common event during his first year and a half in office -- to discuss what the administration is doing to stop the leak and to clean up the coastlines of several states.

Are we finally getting the Obama response that so many have been demanding? We'll see today.