Black Friday Makes America A Disgrace (Updated x2)

After a day of giving thanks, today should become a day for Americans to hold their heads in shame for what our country has become. Here's some of the headlines coming out today about black Friday shopping:

I wonder how many more headlines we'll see like this come tomorrow? Tis' the season!!!


As my yearly tradition, I'm going to keep a running list of the headlines here. I just came across this one:

Notice a growing trend here? Most seem to be happening at Walmart.

Update 2:

Here's some more mayhem for you:

This one is really crazy. Here's more details:

Then the grandson was trampled on in all the mayhem -- even cutting his lip. His grandpa put the game in his waistband so that he could lift the boy out of the crowd.

Witnesses said that's when a police officer grabbed the man and slammed him to the ground – possibly thinking he was stealing the game.

Blood streamed from the victim's face, but witnesses said police didn't believe anything was wrong until they turned the man over.

All he did was try to protect his grandson and he got the shit beat out of him by police.

Then we have this one:

Totally amazing!