Boehner Introduces A Meaningless Christmas Resolution

This is something the GOP does every year and despite all the problems the nation faces this year, the Republican leader won’t break from tradition. Here is the resolution:

Whereas Christmas is a national holiday celebrated on December 25; and

Whereas the Framers intended that the First Amendment of the Constitution, in prohibiting the establishment of religion, would not prohibit any mention of religion or reference to God in civic dialog: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives–

(1) recognizes the importance of the symbols and traditions of Christmas;

(2) strongly disapproves of attempts to ban references to Christmas; and

(3) expresses support for the use of these symbols and traditions by those who celebrate Christmas.

How about a resolution honoring Hanukkah? How about Kwanza? Oh wait! The Republicans think Kwanza is some faux holiday.

But the most interesting part of Boehner’s resolution is his apparent hypocrisy:

It was just six weeks ago that House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) decided he was fed up with empty, meaningless congressional resolutions. These largely symbolic measures are taken up all the time -- it's been routine fare for years -- but Boehner decided they're now evidence of Democratic negligence. "These are your hard-earned tax dollars at work," Boehner scoffed.

In the spirit of the season I want to offer John Boehner some free advice that might help him save face on this. Figure up how long it will take for this resolution to pass. To help you out I did a little math:

Leader’s Salary:
$193,400 / 2080 avg. work hours per year = $93.00 per hour

Member’s Salary:
$174,000 / 2080 avg. work hours per year = $84.00 per hour

Total Per Hour:
(176 (Republicans in the House – minority leader) * $84.00) + $93.00 (you Mr. Boehner) = $14,877.00/hour

Now figure up how many hours it takes to write, debate and vote on this resolution. Multiply that by the $14,877.00 and have your caucus donate that money to charitable organizations who are helping out families who can’t afford Christmas this year. That would be a very Christian thing to do and goes to the heart of the meaning of Christmas, plus the added benefit that it will prove you are serious about Congress wasting time on “meaningless resolutions”.