BREAKING: SCOTUS Sides With Obama Over Early Voting In Ohio

Ohio is a key state to the White House. The Democrats know this and so does the Republicans. That's why it is no shock that Ohio's Republican Secretary of State, John Husted, has stopped at nothing to try and give Romney an advantage in the Buckeye State. Well that latest attempt has now been turned down by the right leaning Supreme Court of the United States:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday turned aside a request from Ohio to hear a case in which a lower court ruled the state couldn't stop early voting during the three-day period before the election. The decision is a victory for the Obama campaign, which had successfully argued that Ohio could not allow military and overseas voters to vote during the three day period unless that opportunity was available to all voters.

Secretary of State Jon Husted announced he was appealing the case to the Supreme Court last week, arguing the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision didn't make legal or practical sense.

By SCOTUS turning down the request, that means the ruling of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals stands. The opinion (PDF) written by the 6th Circuit concludes that all persons should have the same amount of time and availability to ballots.

This has opinion was the very merits that the Obama campaign argued all along. You may remember when this first surfaced a few months ago and Mitt Romney and the right wing talking heads said it was Obama trying to not let our military vote. That was one of the biggest lies told this year. It had nothing to do with "not" letting our military vote, but rather letting every citizen of Ohio have the same access to ballots.

Then this case started unraveling and Husted had to try and do something else. What he did was even more callous than this. Husted decided to change early voting hours. He shortened hours, but only in counties that were Democratic. In Republican counties, Husted let extended hours stay. Again, this is not giving all Ohioans equal access to the ballot.

What has happened this year should be a career ending mistake for John Husted. He has spat in the face of democracy and attempted every mean possible to disenfranchise voters in his state based upon their party. This actually should be criminal, but since it isn't then it is a very good reason for Ohio to institute a recall system. If we can't have fair and open elections, then we can't claim to be the bearers of democracy. People like John Husted have tarnished that name and should be held accountable.