Is Brown Winning Out Of Greed?

There has been a lot of focus on the Massachusetts Senate race to replace the late Ted Kennedy and some are trying to paint it as a repudiation of President Obama and health care reform. One of the key findings in the new PPP poll released last night was that those planning on voting oppose the health care bill 48% to 40%.

This morning on Morning Joe, Chris Matthews brought up a really interesting point about this. He said that maybe the people of Massachusetts feel like they are getting a double punch by health care reform. They already have their own reform in the state, which they pay for through taxes, so having a federal system to them would end up leaving them feeling they are paying for others. There really could be a lot of truth for this.

So is the opposition to health care and the reason Brown is doing so well in Massachusetts because they already have their own reform? I’m sure not all people of the state feel or believe this, but there is a really good chance that enough of them do to propel Brown ahead and maybe even deliver him to the Senate. If that’s the case it will be a crappy deal for the rest of America.