The Campaign Is A Test Of Leadership!

We have heard so much this week about why Mitt Romney lost. The one thing I really can't wrap my head around though is the "blame the campaign" meme that is going on. For example, here's RedState talking about Romney's failed ORCA program:

So what caused the breakdown and why didn’t it get fixed in time? Well according to sources who worked closely with the program, the blame is at the feet of consultants.

But there is a serious flaw here. We were told that Mitt Romney's most qualify feature to be President was his success as a business man. A good business man is an excellent manager and can quickly identify waste and abuse. Shouldn't Mitt have realized the problem here and done something about it?

And if the people who run the campaign are the failure, isn't that also a condemnation of the candidate himself?

We heard all this before. Just look back to 2008 when Republicans instantly started blaming the people on McCain's campaign instead of the candidate himself.

This is the big problem. If a candidate is unable to hire and manage quality people to run their campaign, how can we expect them to do so when sitting in the Oval Office? We need a President who has strong advisers and can help pick strong cabinet members. We need a President who can tell when someone isn't living up to their expectations and can cut them loose. We need a President who can manage people!

It seems like we haven't been getting that with the past couple of Republican candidates though. Instead we get failed managers that would be disastrous as President.

So if the Republican Party wants to start repairing itself, then it needs to look at who they pick for leaders and what their management skills really are like. Stop blaming the people your pick hires and instead blame the pick. The buck does have to stop somewhere and it needs to be with the one in charge.