"But Chicago Has Strict Gun Laws"

That's something you hear pro-gun nuts constantly say when trying to argue against tougher gun control. While it's true that Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, it's also true that guns are easy to get by traveling to near by cities without such laws.

But there's another angle to this argument. The pro-gun response to an increase in violence has been for more guns. Basically they want to take us back to the days of Billy the Kid, Jesse James and the wild, wild west. Well we already have an example of that going on. This example lies in the very same city, Chicago.

Chicago is home to a lot of gangs and gangs have guns.For the non-gang types, they opt to protect themselves, sometimes with guns. This means that countless people in Chicago are now gun owners, and they are using them. That's why Chicago has so many gun deaths, because everyone has guns.

So don't let the gun zealots get away with using Chicago as a reason for not having stricter laws. Instead, use Chicago as a reason why we need to reduce the number of guns and access to them in this country.