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As Taking The Long Way debuts at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 best-selling
albums chart this week, with first week's sales of 525,829, the Dixie Chicks
have become the first female group in chart history to have three albums
debut at #1, breaking the record the Chicks established in 2002 when the
group's last studio album, Home, debuted at #1 and made them the first
female group ever to have two albums debut at #1.

With the #1 debut of Taking The Long Way, the Dixie Chicks have also
become the first female group in chart history to have three studio albums
occupy the #1 slot on the Top 200.

Taking The Long Way has achieved one of the year's Top 5 first week's
sales tallies and has the best first week's sales for any female act on the
Top 200 in 2006.

This will send a message to the music industry that America wants songs
critical of the war and of Bush. This is not the 60's anymore. Music no longer
shapes culture, rather music conforms to the current views of society. Now that
Bush's approval is in the dump music executives are willing to take a chance
(actually a safe bet) and produce these kinds of albums.

Don't forget that the only way we can show our true support is to actually
purchase these albums. I have the list of anti-war albums on the right of the
page with links directly to their page on Amazon. We all need to spend a few
dollars and help light the fire of the anti-war music movement.