Christianity Is Not A Defense!

Enter the case of another politician claiming Christianity is the cure-all, forgive-all miracle:

Linda Wall, a conservative independent Virginia candidate for the House of Delegates, admitted on Wednesday that she had an affair with a female student as a junior high gym teacher in the early 1970s, but said she has changed.

"I've never tried to hide that I was in homosexuality," she said in an interview with the AP. "If anybody Googles me, they would find that out there," she said. "Forty years ago I was a different person. I was a heavy pot smoker with ... impaired judgment and made some bad choices," she added. The student was a minor at the time, meaning Wall could still be prosecuted if she comes forward.

This lady has admitted to engaging in sexual activity with a minor while she was a teacher. I’m sorry, but isn’t that illegal? Don’t we hear about people being prosecuted for this on an almost daily basis? Also there is no statute of limitations in most states when it comes to sexual activatites with minors. But forget about all that because Wall got the miracle cure:

Wall said that she converted to Christianity, changed her sexual orientation and stopped using drugs. She has lobbied the Virginia legislature on social issues and describes herself as "ex-gay."

She found God! Well praise be, she surely won’t do any wrong every again and should be instantly forgiven. Hey, why don’t everyone on trial for a crime just claim they found God, then we wouldn’t have the prison population problem we do today!

I’m sorry but this lady has admitted to her involvement in a possible felony and she should be investigated. This is about someone wanting to be a leader and being a leader doesn’t mean getting away with a crime – it means accepting responsibility and punishment for your actions, past and present. Finding God is not a defense, it’s a poor attempt to cover up what you had done. Hopefully the Virginia voters feel the same way and don’t elect her into office.