Company Fires 150 For Not Getting Flu Shtos. Wingnuts Blame Obama!

A large health company here in Cincinnati has fired 150 people for failure to get their flu shots:

TriHealth offered all of its 10,800 employees free flu shots. Employees had a month to get the flu shot. The deadline was Nov. 16. Employees who did not get the shot were terminated Wednesday, a company spokesperson said.

TriHealth owns a number of local hospitals as well as medical practices. These are places where disease can spread like wildfire, so trying to prevent this from something as common as the flu is really a must.

But don't let that prevention stop wingnuts from going crazy. If you read the comments on the article you see tons of conspiracies being thrown around. There are countless blaming this on "Obamacare". It's funny how legislation that went through the U.S. Congress apparently targets only a single company here in Cincinnati.

Then there's tons saying that there have never been required vaccines. Apparently none of these people ever served in the military, where there are tons of vaccines required. I was even required to have certain vaccines when I became a volunteer firefighter in 1989.

Vaccination requirements have been part of our country for decades, as well as about every other modern nation. They help keep us safe and our society as a whole in better health. But don't tell that to the Republicans. They want you to believe this is some grand conspiracy by that black, mooslim in the White House.

Now if only we could require a vaccine against stupidity, then maybe we would again have a Republican Party that was significant and not a bunch of conspiracy filled lunatics.