Cops Are The Same As “Toxic Assets”?

Hey if you are Michelle Malkin they are:

Follow the bouncing ball: TARP, the trillion-dollar-plus banking bailout, has morphed from a toxic assets purchase plan to a capital injection plan, back to a toxic assets purchase plan, to a life insurance company bailout, to an auto supplier bailout. I’m sure I forgot more.

Well, now the Democrats want to use it to bail out state governments and convert unused TARP bucks into…a government union slush fund.

The article she is referencing is this:

Pelosi said serious thought is being given to investments in transportation infrastructure, seen by economists as one of the most efficient ways of creating jobs quickly.

She also said money could be used to preserve public-sector jobs such as firefighters, police and health-care providers.

The senior Pelosi aide said this would be distributed by bypassing state governments and providing funds directly to local or regional governments.

How dare that evil Pelosi want to do things like protect firefighters and police and improve our infrastructure!

That goddamn socialist!!!

The funniest part of Malkin’s latest installment of “rantings of a psycho” has to be the timing.


Within 5 hours she went from screeching about some “war” on cops being raged by liberals and blacks, to screaming about the Democrats wanting to save cop jobs. I’ve heard of flip-flop before, but at this pace we are more into rapid somersaulting.