Corruption Is Everywhere

Both parties suffer from corrupt members of their caucuses, but the Republican party seems to have a pandemic of corruption deep within it, even locally. Here is what’s happening here in Butler County, Ohio – the home of IntoxiNation and minority leader John Boehner:

Butler County is doing more than its share these days to keep the FBI and Ohio Ethics Commission busy.

Two of the county’s three commissioners are under investigation by the ethics commission on accusations of nepotism.

The most recent subject is Commissioner Gregory Jolivette, who admits to voting on the hiring of and pay for both his son and daughter as county employees in 2004 through 2006.

There is much more listed in the article, including details of our former county auditor who was arrested and had to resign last year. What the article fails to mention is that every single person listed in it is a Republican. The Republicans have had a lock on our county for years and this single party rule has opened the door to wider spread corruption.

I’m just waiting for the day they frog march the entire county administration out.