Well it turns out that Obama does have a birth certificate with his name as is now. Markos has a scan of it, and it's another right wing rumor debunked.

Also there is a new site up now by the Obama campaign just to take a proactive defense against the lies of the right wing. The top post right now is about the "Michelle tape".:

Michelle Obama Says “Whitey” On a Tape

LIE: Rush Limbaugh says a tape exists of Michelle Obama using the word “whitey” from the pulpit of Trinity United

LIE: Blogger Larry Johnson writes “New and dramatic developments. This is a heads up. I'll post the news Monday morning by 0900 hours.”

LIE: Proven GOP sleazemeister Roger Stone says he has “credible evidence that some indelible record exists” of a tape of Michelle Obama using the term “whitey.”

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