Democrats Still Haven’t Learned To Control The Message

It seems like I am just doing one really long post today, but broken up. I can’t help it, my mind is really going on this and I want to touch on something else from my on going posts about the RNC and Bobby Jindal.

I said in my previous post that Bobby Jindal shouldn’t be given all the blame for the Republican response, but the Republican’s should be given just as much, if not more. After all, Jindal was just the messenger boy for the Republican beliefs. Yet the media and Republicans have successfully painted Jindal as the fall guy on this. The left wing blogs and even talking heads have also followed suit. Well this is wrong.

When it comes to message control, the Republicans have constantly beat the Democrats hands down. It’s happening again. What the Democrats, politicians, pundits and blogs, all need to do is hammer the message home that what Bobby Jindal said wasn’t only what Bobby Jindal believes, but rather what the GOP believes.

Imagine for a minute that the Democrats picked Mike Gravel to give a response to one of Bush’s state of the union addresses. Would we be hearing and reading how “that Mike Gravel has some really wonky ideas”? No. Instead we would be hearing such things as “wow the Democrats have really became a fringe party”. This bias in media analysis has been proven time and time again. So we need our side of the blogosphere and aisle to start hammering that the message given Tuesday night wasn’t Bobby Jindal’s message, but rather the GOP’s message.

Remember – it was the Republican response, not Bobby Jindal’s response.