The Desperate Right

It started yesterday with Matt Drudge. On the Drudge Report, Matt was touting a headline that a bombshell video was coming later that would destroy Obama. Twitter and the right wing blogosphere instantly jumped on it.

Well last night the video came. Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller released the video, with Hannity promoting it at the top of his show. Here it is:

The first problem is that this video was known about and even seen back in 2007 when he made this speech. They are trying to equate it to the Romney secret videos, but it is far, far from it.

And then right is trying to use this as the "black people are the racists" meme, but nowhere in Obama's speech did he mention race. Instead this is another failed attempt by the right wing noise machine to create a false controversy.

If this is all they got now, go ahead and cancel the debates and rest of the presidential race. Obama has won.