Dipping The Tea Bag In A Steaming Hot Cup Of Hypocrisy

Rand Paul claims to be this “small government'” Libertarian, the kind of person almost synonymous with “Tea Party”, but when it comes to Medicare, that’s a different story. It turns out Paul is now framing himself as the savior of Medicare and Social Security in a new ad:

Imagine that – a doctor who relies on Medicare from his patients supporting Medicare. I guess the bottom line will always trump the political beliefs.

And if Paul isn’t enough proof of this, let’s head way up north to the land of winks, 1/2 term governors and abstinence-only babies. Let’s say hello to Tea Party man-crush Joe Miller, who recently declared that unemployment is “unconstitutional”:

In questioning the constitutionality of unemployment benefits, Miller appears to be going further than other Tea Party-backed candidates – such as Nevada’s Sharron Angle and Kentucky’s Rand Paul – who have also blasted Democrats for seeking to extend unemployment benefits further than current law provides.

That’s a really interesting stance considering Miller’s wife was on unemployment. I guess what is good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

Everyday that I follow politics I see more and more hypocrites, like these two, crawl out from under a rock. Hypocrisy has always played a part in politics, but when you are talking about the Tea Party and the Republican Party, that small role of hypocrisy is becoming a bedrock principal.

And while so many people in our country shrug stuff like this off, we must remember that these people have a good chance at becoming the people that help shape the future of our country. At times I think that maybe we need a few years of these people leading the way in order to wake America up, but while giving the preverbal “I told you so” to your wingnut friends always fills you with a feeling of extreme awesomeness, a Zen like Utopia, the lead up to that moment can be disastrous for our nation.