Down Right Freaky

Everyday I hate Walmart more and more:

A Pennsylvania Walmart Supercenter videotaped employees and customers in a unisex bathroom, several former and current Walmart employees alleged in a lawsuit filed this week.

Seven former and current employees from the Tire and Lube department at the Walmart in Easton, Pa., filed a lawsuit in county court against the Arkansas-based corporation and four local managers Dec. 21.

Several employees discovered an "off-the-shelf" video camera in a store bathroom March 31, 2008, according to the court filing. The unisex bathroom, which also served as a changing room, was used by employees and customers. Customers and employees were not notifed of the surveillance, according to the court filing.

"I am incredulous that anyone would think that it's appropriate conduct for any reason to photograph people in a changing room and bathroom," said Erv McLain, the plaintiffs' attorney.

Walmart said two workers were responsible for the camera.

"Two associates were terminated for placing a camera in an associate dressing room bathroom," Walmart spokesman Greg Rossiter said. "When store management learned of the camera, it was immediately removed."

Sounds like Walmart took the appropriate response until you reach the second page of the article:

McLain said some of his clients are "still clearly shaken by what occurred."

Three of the plaintiffs were terminated after complaining to store management about video surveillance, McLain said.

Now sure there could be other reasons these three were fired, but honestly getting fired in retail is extremely hard. They know the costs of unemployment and will do whatever to avoid having to pay it. I would love to see the reasons why they were fired. There’s a chance it could have been from legitimate reasons, but there is also a chance it could be some BS like not signing a form agreeing to not talk about this anymore.

(h/t Jennifer Van Grove)