Drudge Pushing Labor Report Conspiracy

Leave it to Matt Drudge to come up with some new conspiracy that all the little minions on the right can latch onto. Today's conspiracy involves the release of October's jobs numbers. Here's the headline he is pushing right now:

Mystery? Oh must be bad numbers and Obama is going to wait until after the election!!!

But let's look at the article that Drudge is linking.

“It is our intention that Friday will be business as usual,” said Carl Fillichio, a senior press advisor at Labor. Mr. Fillichio’s statement provided clarity to an earlier Labor statement that said the agency would assess how to handle data releases this week after the “weather emergency” is over.

Friday’s employment report will be the final read on the labor market ahead of the November elections. Initial reports that a delay was possible briefly fueled speculation that the jobs data, good or bad, might not be revealed until after the elections.

Federal government offices in Washington are closed Monday and may be shut again Tuesday due to the storm.

(emphasis added)

Apparently Matt Drudge hasn't realized that there is a hurricane battering the east coast right now and that has shut everything down. You really think he would notice though, considering right above that headline is this:

But, of course, looking into the facts of the story would destroy any chance Drudge would have to spark another conspiracy. And the worst part is the number of Republican voters, who are too partisan, to even realize they are being sold a ton of bs.