Even FOX Is Questioning Romney's Tax Cuts

Yesterday Chris Wallace challenged Romney adviser Ed Gillespie on rather Romney's tax cut plans were feasible. At issue was the "six independent studies" that the Romney campaign has been touting. Here's the exchange from Think Progress:

GILLESPIE: Six different studies have said this is entirely doable.

WALLACE: Those are very questionable. Some of them are blogs, some of them are from AEI, an independent group.

GILLESPIE: These are very credible sources.

WALLACE: One of them is a blog from a guy who was a top adviser for George W. Bush. These are hardly non-partisan studies.

GILLESPIE: Look Chris these AEI and other studies are very credible sources of analysis

So to Romney, an adviser to George Bush is non-partisan.

It's also amazing that the hundreds of other analysis that have come out, which say there is no way that Romney can cut the top earners tax rate by 20% without significantly raising taxes on the middle class, is just impossible. Instead Romney has chosen the very few studies that say it can be done.

But there is something even more interesting in this exchange. It's something I have hammered Romney on before - a lack of plan. Well Gillespie offers more insight into that. It shows that Mitt Romney is a man not worried about country, but worried about only him:

Ed Gillespie went on TV this morning and said Mitt Romney would only reveal the details of his tax plan after he’s sworn into office as President.

Of course this is something really common with Republicans. During the healthcare debate, John Boehner and Eric Cantor said they would only release their plan "once they controlled the House". Well they have controlled the House for almost two years now and we still haven't seen any plan. But that doesn't put off the Republican voters out there. Instead they go on voting for their candidates, because they enjoy that carrot on a string being dangled in front of their faces.

If Mitt Romney does end up winning the White House, I can guarantee come 2020 Republicans will be treating him the same way they treat Bush today - as a RINO. It would be nice if Republican voters would just take a second and realize that they are the ones who bring forth these candidates. They are the ones who made them the nominee and they are the ones who helped bring them to power. They have no one to blame but themselves. Of course that means taking responsibility and that is something the typical Republican mind can't handle.