Exit Polls Reveal Big Problems For The GOP

I've been going through the exit polls from yesterday and they reveal a big problem for the GOP, and a problem I talked about the other day.

When it comes to race, the GOP has seen a decline of 2% women votes since 2008. I'm sure all, if not more, of that can be attributed to the GOP's war on women we have seen take place over the past couple of years.

But an even bigger problem exists in race. In 2008, John McCain got 31% of the Latino vote. This year, Romney got only 27%. The GOP is pushing out a growing demographic in the American electorate, and that is a huge problem.

My suggestion is for the GOP to spend the next four years working with Obama instead of against him. Apparently Obama is doing something right amongst this group, while the GOP isn't. It's time for the GOP to grow past the "party of old, white men" and increase the size of their tent. Just because they can taut people like Herman Cain doesn't make them the party of African Americans, not does Marco Rubio make them the party of Latinos.

Republicans now have four years to regroup and try to retake the White House. They are also likely to face some tough competition in 2016, like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. Republicans really need to change their image and they need to start working on that today. If they don't, then they risk not being in the White House for a very long time.