Fear Mongering 101



Now for the actual headline:


From they “may” fire to they are planning to fire in one quick swoop of Drudge’s keyboard. Then if you read the first paragraph of the article you find out more:

North Korea may launch a long-range ballistic missile towards Hawaii on American Independence Day, according to Japanese intelligence officials.

So they aren’t planning on firing it “at Hawaii”, but rather “towards”. But will the missile hit the Aloha state?

The missile, believed to be a Taepodong-2 with a range of up to 4,000 miles, would be launched in early July from the Dongchang-ni site on the north-western coast of the secretive country.

Intelligence analysts do not believe the device would be capable of hitting Hawaii's main islands, which are 4,500 miles from North Korea.

It doesn’t even have the range to hit Hawaii. Welcome to the world of right wing fear mongering.