Fox News Would Never Hire Ex-Bush Aides

David Zurawik , the media critic for the Baltimore Sun, has published a post at Daily Download, in which he declares that MSNBC is now worse than Fox News in ideology. The reason? Well he says it in the first paragraph:

MSNBC has long been as bad as Fox News when it comes to ideological bias. But with the hiring of longtime Team Obama loyalists David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs, it’s official: MSNBC is worse.

Apparently Mr. Zurawik is media dumb. Allow me to try and inform him of Fox's past hires.

  • Karl Rove - Senior adviser to George Bush. Leaves White House and joins Fox News.
  • Dana Perino - Former press secretary for George Bush. Leaves White House and joins Fox News.

Then we have one that went in reverse, where the White House decided to pull it's talent from Fox News.

  • Tony Snow - Fox News personality, leaves the network to become Bush press secretary.

Then we have some other notables:

  • Liz Cheney - daughter of former vice-President, Dick Cheney. Worked in Bush's State Department. Leaves and joins Fox News.
  • Jenna Bush - Daughter of George Bush. Now Fox News Contributor.

But apparently David Zurawik has no idea who these people are, since he fails to mention any of them in his post. That, or maybe he is just another partisan hack, ignoring facts to promote his own agenda. Which ever it is, the article has gone uncorrected for over 12 hours, so we do know that he is incompetent. That's pretty bad for someone who makes a living criticizing others.