FOX Plays The “Mine’s Bigger Than Yours” Game

Leave it to Fox Nation to come up with the most idiotic arguments one can ever think of.  Just check out this headline:

Fact: Bush Had 2 Times More Coalition Partners in Iraq Than Obama Has in Libya

Oh my – Bush must have been far more loved by the world than Obama! I mean Bush had 30 coalition countries and Obama only has 15.

But what does that really prove?

Well the first thing it proves is that FOX can’t even comprehend the difference between a full war and a no-fly zone. Why don’t we compare like scenarios instead? How about when the no-fly zone was put into effect in Iraq in 1992? Then the first President Bush only had a coalition of 9! He couldn’t even break into double digits and the only countries actually doing anything were the US, France and Britain.

Then we get to the issue of the actual build-up to the Iraq war. I know I’ve been very busy the last few weeks, so I might have missed it, but did Obama send Hillary Clinton to the U.N. to do a presentation about WMD’s Gadhafi was manufacturing? Did we have a State of the Union address where President Obama said Gadhafi was trying to get yellow cake uranium from Niger? In other words – did President Obama go on a huge campaign to lie the world into war? Absolutely not!

For the past several weeks FOX was beating the war drums for us to take action against Libya. Now that we have, they are questioning it. This kind of game might sound vaguely familiar. It’s like in 1998, when President Clinton ordered airstrikes against a target in Afghanistan. The Republicans accused the former President of “creating a distraction” from the impeachment hearings and going after a “boogey man”. Who was that “boogey man”? His name was Osama bin Laden. Aren’t you glad he was a “boogey-man” we never heard of again?

If we want to debate the rights and wrongs of Libya, fine let’s do it, but let’s not sit here and make up a bunch of strawman theories or compare apples to oranges to debate it. There’s a lot of serious questions we should be asking about Libya, with the outcome being number one. Once Gadhafi is gone, what will become of the country and more importantly – who will lead it? These are very important questions our media should be asking, not saying “his coalition is bigger than yours”.