Gingrich To Obama: Give Up Your Pay!

Newt Gingrich is struggling to regain being anybody in the GOP field, so now he is grasping at straws:

Newt Gingrich is seeking to salvage his Iowa campaign by going after President Obama -- and suggesting the president give up his salary in 2012 because of reports he will spend most of the year seeking re-election.

At a campaign appearance this morning in Independence, Iowa, Gingrich blasted reports that Obama and his re-election team will run against a "do-nothing" Congress in 2012.

"For the president's staff to announce that he's now going to govern without Congress," Gingrich said, reports the Des Moines Register. "Well, that means he's not going to govern. He's going to be a candidate for an entire year. He shouldn't take his salary.

How about this; for December of 2011 Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul will get $18,000 in pay, yet both have an antecedence record of less than 5%. Does Newt feel they should do the same? How about surrogates, like Senator Rand Paul, who is now out on the campaign trail with his father. Should he forego his pay?

Or what about Newt himself. During his tenure in Congress, did he ever once sacrifice his salary while campaigning? No.

This is nothing but Newt grasping at straws and it shows what a two faced bastard he really is. Our political system certainly is screwed up and this is one of the reasons for it, but to sit there and demand only one person make this kind of sacrifice while others, including Newt himself, never have and never will, shows the hypocrisy that people like Newt will resort to just to pander to the fringe base. Of course that is the Newt we all have come to know. Don't you screw around on your wife, only I can. Now you can see why his campaign has imploded.