The Good Side

There is a silver lining to what happened today. Congress is in recess until Thursday, meaning they could pass something on Thursday, but that is not very likely. That means we got a debate Thursday night with Sarah Palin and Joe Biden and the economy will be brought up. Considering Palin's dismal responses to Couric's questions on the economy, she will destroy herself. The best part is that Biden don't even have to do anything - just sit there and let her talk.

There will also be questions about McCain's involvement in the bailout brought up.McCain's going to try everything to spin himself out of the pickle he has placed himself in, but that is not very likely given the public perception of McCain now, as evident by the polls. So now Palin's big night just had a few more obstacles put in.

Oh and let's not forget what we saw today. McCain needs Palin on the trial with him to bring in any kind of crowd. Every minute she is out giving speeches is time away from prep work. Thursday can't get here quick enough!