Hanged Census Worker Found Naked And Bound

There has been a lot of speculation about what might have lead to the mysterious death of U.S. Census worker Bill Sparkman. Some reports were indicating a death that could be indicative of suicide, but that no longer seems the case:

A part-time census worker found hanging in a rural Kentucky cemetery was naked, gagged and had his hands and feet bound with duct tape, said an Ohio man who discovered the body two weeks ago.

The word ''fed'' was written in felt-tip pen on 51-year-old Bill Sparkman's chest, but authorities have released very few other details in the case, such as whether they think it was an accident, suicide or homicide.

If this is murder then the reasons for it could be varied. Sure it could be a new hatred towards the census, a hatred fueled by people like Michele Bachman, but it could also be something else. This part of Kentucky is ripe with moonshine stills, marijuana fields and meth labs. There is also a chance that Mr. Sparkman just happened to knock on the wrong door. I know I am very interested to hear the final outcome of this case, and if it is the former reason then we need to really address what is happening in our country today.