Hostage Nation

OK - Now I have no doubts there is some conspiracy behind the high gas prices and Bush has helped me come to this conclusion:

President Bush on Tuesday ordered a temporary suspension of environmental rules for gasoline, making it easier for refiners to meet demand and possibly dampen prices at the pump. He also halted for the summer the purchase of crude oil for the government's emergency reserve.

The moves came as political pressure intensified on Bush to do something about gasoline prices that are expected to stay high throughout the summer.

Bush said the nation's strategic petroleum reserve had enough fuel to guard against any major supply disruption over the next few months.

"So, by deferring deposits until the fall, we'll leave a little more oil on the market. Every little bit helps," he said

Amazing that instead of finding out is the gas companies are really up to no good we just pass the buck to mother nature. The gas companies have long been opponents of the environmental regulations and Bush just gave them what they wanted. I thought our country didn't not negotiate with terrorist?