How Dare President Obama Insult Our School Children!

Last week President Obama was accused of calling American workers "lazy", which of course he didn't. That hasn't stopped the right from taking his comment out of context and seizing on it as Obama hating America.

While that story is still going on, we now have a new one. Now the Prez has decided to insult our school children:

Speaking at a high school in Australia, President Obama told a group of Aussie students that their counterparts in his country had “fallen behind” when it comes to math and science, saying he wants to reform the public school system.

Obama also asserted that poor children don’t get “support they need when they’re very young’’ and are “already behind’’’ when they enter grammar school, according to a press pool report.

Obama might have thought twice before casting America’s public school kids in a negative light to foreign students. Especially since he can exclude his own children from the system by paying for them to attend private school.

How are that America hating, Muslim terrorist insult our children!

Of course that is not what Obama was doing. Instead he was citing a simple fact. Currently the United States ranks 11th globally in math and science and that is sad. It's also a fact that the right wants to constantly hide. They have it in their mind that America is #1 in everything, but the truth is we keep falling behind in everything from education to infant mortality rates. America is not #1 and until we acknowledge that fact and are willing to work on correcting course, America will continue to fall in all measurable aspects of nations.