If You Can't Face The Cameras, How Can You Face The Terrorists?

Herman, oh Herman. It appears that you are now frightened of the news cameras. Gee, I wonder why?

If Herman Cain stumbles on a foreign policy question during Thursday’s scheduled editorial board meeting with New Hampshire's influential Union Leader newspaper -- as he did earlier this week when asked about President Obama's handling of Libya -- don't expect to see the clip on an endless cable news loop.

That's because Cain campaign has requested that the sit-down not be videotaped. And now, a scheduling matter puts the entire 10 a.m. interview in jeopardy.

Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid told The Huffington Post that "no reason was given" and that he "was a bit surprised" by the no-camera request. So far, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum have all met with the Union Leader and allowed C-SPAN to tape the newspaper interviews for broadcast.

When asked about the request, Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon told The Huffington Post that "video cameras are optional at Ed Boards and we decided not to pursue that option." Gordon added that "the interview is at a newspaper, not a TV station."

We expect a President to be a quick thinker. We learned about it in 2008 with the 3am ad. Last night I decided to have some fun with that ad:

We have had two different front runners for the GOP field experience their "red phone" moment and they both have failed miserably. Herman Cain and Rick Perry have now both tried the "run and hide" method to prevent any future gaffs. The problem is that these gaffs also exemplify the very reason neither man is suited to hold the office of President of the United States. The GOP just best suck it up and realize they need to go with Mitt.