The Important Lessons Of Last Night's GOP Debate

Once you get past all the lies told last night at the GOP debate, I think there was one important message sent out by all the candidates, except Ron Paul. That message is simple - "We support George Bush". They tried to pin all the problems in America today on the Democrats. Considering the Democrats have only been in charge of Congress for a year, and that year was mostly ineffective due to Republican stonewalling, it shows that the Republican candidates are unwilling to take any responsibility for their failures.

What it comes down to is that the Republicans want to be the "feel good" party. They want to feel good about their own party, while ignoring the failures of their party. Perhaps the social conservatives should take them to task on that very notion. While the candidates are patting the party on their backs, ask them what has happened to the social conservative agenda? You don't hear any of them talking about Roe or gay marriage. Evangelicals - they have forgotten you.

Another important lesson is how the so called "liberal media" works. Countless lies were told last night about the Democratic candidates. From Mitt saying the Democrats want to pull out of Afghanistan to Rudy saying it was Clinton who cut the military (it was Cheney), these Republicans are given a free pass on their constant lies. Hopefully the Clinton and Obama camps took note though. They need to go out and counter these lies, instead of carrying on their own little spat. If they do that then the media will most likely stop covering them as much.