Islamaphobia Spreading To Our Children

Sad, but not shocking:

A group of teenagers in western New York has been accused of harassing members of a mosque by yelling obscenities and insults during evening prayers for Ramadan, sideswiping a worshiper with a vehicle and firing a shotgun outside, the authorities said Tuesday.

The teenagers were cornered by members of the mosque, who held them for the police. They were charged with disrupting a religious service, a misdemeanor.

The obscenities episode occurred Monday and the shooting last Friday, both outside the World Sufi Foundation mosque in Carlton, N.Y., the authorities said. They said a 17-year-old fired the shotgun; no one was hit.

This is a smaller part of the bigger problem of opposing Park51 in that the hatred won’t be confined to that single location. It has been spreading like wildfire and won’t stop in the forseeable future.

What also amazes me is how Republicans are quick to define these incidents as some “group of outside troublemakers”. Are they that blind to our recent history to even realize that’s the same thing that happened on 9/11? For people that sure hate the terrorists, they are doing their best to try and mimic them.