It Was Only A Matter Of Time

The U.K. is pissed. They are tired of U.S. lawmakers and pundits insulting them to gain political points in the health care battle, and now the U.K. is fighting back:

The fractious British political classes have united in defence of the UK’s healthcare system after it has become a byword for the failings of universal, state-funded provision among the US Republican right.

Gordon Brown, prime minister, and David Cameron, leader of the Conservative opposition party, on Friday both declared their commitment to the National Health Service.

What does it say about our political system when our lawmakers can go out and flat our slander our allies in order to gain political points?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and I think I have a solution. President Obama should have a prime time town hall meeting covered by all the networks. He should also have a guest with him. That guest should be Gordon Brown or another high ranking U.K. official to dispute all the lies put out by Republicans. Give them a chance to defend their system against our poisoned political dialect.

Now that would be must see T.V.