It's Another Round of "Why to Hate Hagel"!

Today's wingnutopia outrage of "why to hate Hagel" is brought to you buy that bow-tie wearing dweeb, Tucker Carlson's, conspiracy tabloid, The Daily Caller:

A pro-Hezbollah, pro-Hamas candidate for the Iranian presidency, a man linked to Iranian-controlled front groups, brought former Republican Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel to speak at Rutgers University in 2007, according to another professor on campus.

Hooshang Amirahmadi, who led Rutgers’ Center for Middle Eastern Studies when Hagel came to campus, is the founder and president of the American-Iranian Council. He arranged for Hagel’s speech on March 2, 2007, the faculty source told The Daily Caller.

Why that must mean that Hagel supports terrorism! Why can't we have good ole' Republicans anymore, like Dick Cheney, who would never do anything to help Iran!

Halliburton is the company that Vice President Dick Cheney used to run. He was CEO from 1995 to 2000, during which time Halliburton Products and Services set up shop in Iran. Today, it sells about $40 million a year worth of oil field services to the Iranian government.

But Cheney was just protecting capitalism by setting up offshore companies in the Cayman's so that they could circumvent sanctions against Iran in the 90's and sell them highly profitable nuclear parts.

Apparently selling parts to develop weapons of mass destruction to terrorist regimes is a sign that you are strong against terrorism. Well, at least to the pea brains of the Republican Party.

And let's not forget another Secretary of Defense and how much he opposed our former enemies:

But Donald Rumsfeld being buddy buddy with Saddam Hussein, well that means that Rumsfeld is a strong and fearless leader that will do anything to destroy our enemies! Besides, he wasn't nominated by some left-wing, commie President, who also happens to be black!

Perhaps this kind of stupidity from the Republicans, one of the two major parties in our country, is why the Democrats are now becoming the more preferred of the two when it comes to combating terrorism. Republicans don't give a damn about a war on terror, they only care about politics!